Rada Pro Nail Station: Review

With my two young ones running around at home, I rarely get the opportunity to paint my nails.  So, when I was offered a product review of the Rada Pro Nail Station, I thought it would be best to pass it on to a friend of mine who I will affectionately call “The Manicure Maven!”

Review of the Rada Pro Nail Station by The Manicure Maven

I love to do my own manicures at home. I’ve been doing them since I was about twelve years old and that was almost 3 twelves ago! Yes, I save money by not going to a salon or spa for professional manicures, but I get a couple of other benefits as well. Manicuring my own nails is very relaxing for me. Also, I can change my nail color as often as I like, and I would not have the time to go to a professional as frequently as I like my nail color changed. Now, I said I have done my nails for a long time and I do them often. I didn’t say I was good at it. I can always use help. You know, steadying my hands, keeping my tools and supplies in one place. So when The Experimental Mommy asked if I would like to review the Rada Pro Nail Station I immediately said “Yes!”

Here is a description of the product from the box:

The Nail Station makes it easy for you to get professional-style manicures and pedicures at home. The stand positions hands and feet at the perfect angle while the polish holder leaves your hands free to work quickly and comfortably and prevents polish from spilling.

The Nail Station is available from Rada Pro’s website, for $24.99.

Yeah, that not spilling part is more important than you may realize. My daughter’s dog likes to “help” when I do my nails. To her credit, I think she thinks she is protecting me from the evil shiny bottles. The red ones, they are the most dangerous… Nail polish, small energetic dog, furniture, carpet, you can understand why ‘prevents polish from spilling’ caught my eye.


The Rada Pro Nail Station came in three pieces. Wait, NO, come back! Don’t be turned off by assembly! It snapped together in SECONDS! Literally. Without the instructions. In my excitement I didn’t even see the instructions on the SIDE OF THE BOX until after I assembled the station. Then I realized that I had to disassemble and reassemble it to take the pictures. At this rate The Experimental Mommy will never ask me to review a product again.

The Hand-Foot Stand, the center piece, is sturdy. The rubber bottom prevents it from sliding around. The top rocks back and forth so you can place it at the most comfortable angle for each nail! It comes with not one, but two soft white terry covers. The covers have an elastic edge and they are easily changed. You can swap them out so you always have a clean one on the stand. You can use one for manicures and the other for pedicures if you like.


One attachment is a Polish Holder. It spins ALL the way around the Hand-Foot Stand. It also pivots back and forth on the rod you attach it to, so it can be tilted toward you whichever side of the stand you are using it on. That is, spin it to the right of the stand and tilt the bottle toward you while you manicure your left hand, then spin to the left of the stand and tilt the bottle the other way to do your right hand! The holder has a spring loaded insert that keeps the bottles from rattling around in the holder. Of the polish brands I own the following bottles fit in the holder: BB Couture, China Glaze, Del Sol, Essie, INM, ManGlaze, NailTek, OPI, Seche, Sephora by OPI and Zoya. Only two of my polish brands did not fit, even with the insert removed: Lippmann and Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL). But these bottles could be used from the Accessory Tray which is described below.

The other attachment is an Accessory Tray. It also spins ALL the way around the Hand-Foot Stand allowing you to place both attachments exactly where you want them. The tray holds an INCLUDED pump polish remover bottle in the center. The tray also has two flat areas that can hold polish bottles (This is where you could work with the bottles that don’t fit in the Polish Holder. My Lippmann and RBL bottles fit here.), polish remover pads, or other supplies. Two wells on this tray are perfect for nail files, buffers, cuticle pushers, cotton balls/rounds, etc.

Either or both attachments can be easily removed if you want to use the Hand-Foot Stand without them.


So, did Rada Pro help me improve my manicure experience? Yes, absolutely. I did a better job of reaching the corners of my nails, but not getting polish on my cuticles. I also didn’t have to worry about polish spilling out of the bottle or steadying the bottle each time I dipped the brush in. And I had everything I needed in one place. Any flaws you see on my nails in the photos are entirely due to my lack of skill, not the Rada Pro!

Would I buy the Rada Pro Nail Station or recommend it to a friend? You bet! It functions well, with the rubber bottom and swiveling/rotating parts showing that they really thought its function through!

Thanks to The Experimental Mommy and Rada Pro!

This review is the opinion of the Manicure Maven.  Others may have a different experience.  Thank you to Rada Pro for supplying the product for review.

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