My Bag from Kushies: Review and Coupon Code

hypothesis The My Bag by Kushies will be a great way to foster Lily’s independence by teaching her how to pack her own overnight bag for trips to Grandma’s house!

materials One My Bag by Kushies, supplies needed for an overnight stay at Grandma’s and a VERY excited 4 year old!  About Kushies:


In 1988, Sam Perez and Susan Malinowski purchased the assets of the doll company and assumed the roles of President / CEO and Vice-President. They started to look for additional market possibilities for the company to expand. The decision was made to concentrate efforts on the infant children’s market, with the initial product to be a re-useable form-fitted cloth diaper. The internationally trademarked name “Kooshies” was created for the new product line. As President, Sam Perez, explained, “It was a unique name easily pronounced in many languages, enabling the product to be marketed worldwide under one name”. After designing the revolutionary 100 per cent cotton, reusable diaper, “Kooshies” undertook a year of extensive testing and refinements, and went on to patent the “Kooshies” diaper.

Kushies Baby USA is now located in Niagara Falls, New York and the Stoney Creek Ontario location houses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and over 200 staff. A meticulous inspection standard for the ever-expanding product lines, which currently stands at over 350 baby products, ensures the continuation of the company’s high quality standards and continuing popularity.”



When Lily’s My Bag arrived, I cannot tell you how excited she was to open the package.  She unzipped each section (which was generally followed by a lot of “oooohhhhs”) and methodically sorted through each drawstring bag.  Next thing I knew, Lily had half of her closet on the floor of her bedroom and was packing for what seemed like some sort of week long hike through Europe! LOL!  Seriously, I love this bag because the smaller drawstring pouches (7 in all) feature pictures of the items that should go in that bag so my pre-reader could organize her belongings and make sure she had everything she needed ALL BY HERSELF!   As a Mom, I love this bag because the My Bag was sturdy and obviously well made (not to mention incredibly cute).  I also love that the bag also comes with it’s own blanket and pillow.  Within about 30 minutes, Lily was packed and ready to go spend the night out.  All she needs now is an invite!



The My Bag is not the only great thing you can find at Kushies!  Check out the organic products, cloth diapers, and baby bedding.  Found something you HAVE to purchase?  Kushies has generously offered a 10% discount on all purchases when you us the code:  nsb10

This review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have differing opinions or experiences. Thank you to Kushies for supplying the bag for review.


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