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When I was pregnant for both my daughters, I had terrible heartburn!  I spent most nights sleeping while sitting up in bed with a bottle of antacids on my nightstand.  So, I am very sympathetic to those who suffer from this problem daily.


I was contacted by a well-known pharmaceutical company for an opportunity for heartburn sufferers to participate in an exclusive consumer trial panel for a new FDA-approved, over-the-counter drug indicated to treat frequent heartburn. This is not a clinical trial. This product has already been FDA-approved and they are looking to have a panel of qualified consumers to provide feedback.

By completing this brief online survey, you will be eligible to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card!  The survey determines if the program would be a good fit for you, but in no way obligates you to participate in the study. In addition, anyone who completes the survey successfully will be entered to receive one of five $50 Amazon.com gift cards.

If you would like a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card, take this brief survey and leave a comment on this post letting me know you completed the task.  One winner from THIS POST will win a $25 Amazon.com gift card!

Click here to take the Heartburn Survey.  Hurry!  Survey closes on September 11th!


  1. Took it!

  2. So I tried for the survey and answered the first two questions, but then they said I wasn’t what they were looking for I guess so I couldn’t take the rest. I tried though if it counts!!!

  3. Took the survey! Thankyou 🙂

  4. I took the survey.

    mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

  5. I took it

  6. I completed the survey!

  7. I took the survey!!:) Thanks!! I was accepted into the trial program!1 cool!

  8. I took the survey but was disqualified b/c I have taken a prescription medicine (nexium) in the last month. Oh well. Nexium makes my pregnancy heartburn happy!

  9. HSB Suzanne (aka Anita) says:

    I completed the task and took the survey! 🙂

    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. I completed the survey.

  11. I got to 64% of the survey and then it thanked me and told me I wasn’t in the group qualified to take the survey….

  12. I took the survey, but wasn’t able to complete it because I don’t have heartburn.


  13. Took the survey. Didn’t get picked since I had not taken any type of medication for my heartburn.

  14. Laura DeLuca says:

    I took the heartburn survey-but I never have heartburn so they didn’t pick me

  15. Laura DeLuca says:
  16. I took the survey.


  17. I took the survey!

  18. I took the survey but did not qualify. Luckily no heartburn yet ..yikes!

  19. I took the survey but did not qualify.


  20. judy brittle says:

    I took the survey and did qualify. I do suffer from heartburn and am currently taking medicine for it.

  21. I took the survey and did qualify

  22. I wasn’t eligible. which is weird cause I take daily prescription heart burn medicine.

  23. I completed the survey and was qualified for the program! Thanks!
    hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  24. I took the survey but didn’t qualify 🙁

  25. lilshuga2001 says:

    Took SUrvey! 🙂

  26. I took the survey but didn’t qualify. 🙂
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  27. Vickie Couturier says:

    I tried to take the survey,an it said I had already taken it,mmmmmmm,I dont remember doing it but they said I have so,Ive taken the survey,must have not qualifiled because I havent gotten anything from them,confusing!

  28. I got quite far into the survey and then it said I didn’t qualify. It was right after I stated I had heartburn once a week. I guess they want people that have it more often, but hey I’m on meds now so of course I’m not going to experience heartburn that often. Oh well, I tried.

  29. I would use this for books for my 2 year old grandson! He loves to be read to!

  30. i just took the survey

  31. i took the survey today 9/25/09 its still open


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