Wordless Wednesday

012 I am starting to feel like I live in a 3 ring circus!


  1. Nice photo. The little one looks quite comfortable, lol.

  2. thats awesome!

  3. At least they look like they’re having a good time! Very cute!

  4. Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy says:

    That is a great pic! So cute.

  5. I love that picture. It looks like they were having fun!

  6. How Cute! Happy WW!

  7. What an adorable pyramid!

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  8. Great picture! Happy WW!

  9. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    They look so happy. Daddy’s always make the best jungle gyms!

  10. That is such an adorable photo! They are totally hamming it up! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Future Mama @ Baby Makin(g) Machine says:

    This is my first WW! I’m so excited to participate!!

  12. I really like your PR welcome button! Would it be OK if I used it on my blog?

  13. I love her “thumbs up” pose! That’s great! But to make this really work, you need to teach the youngest “TA DA!” LOL Happy WW!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Now you need to teach one of them to breathe fire. 😉

  15. hehe! aaww! What a great picture! They look so cute! Happy Wordless Wednesday you have a beautiful family!

  16. Ooh that is one way cute circus too!

  17. Ha Ha so incredibly cute. I love the littlest ones face lol

  18. Change the girls to boys, and that looks like my house.

  19. Great picture! How fun! Thanks for hosting!

  20. Kitty | Coupon Divas says:

    They look so happy – it’s too cute!

  21. This is an awesome photo!

  22. Natalie - Red Sox Mommy says:

    I feel like I’m living in a similar circus some days. Fun picture!

  23. Toni @ The Mud Bug says:

    Great photo! I love the totem pole effect. Happy WW!

  24. What cute pictures! That’s adorable. You have a beautiful family.

  25. Great picture. They look like they are having fun!

  26. Your little DD’s smile looks exactly like your DH’s. Cute picture, it definitely brought a smile to my face 🙂

  27. That is a fun photo. I love the totem pole style family photos.

  28. your family is so funny, b!

  29. Oh my gosh, you have a beautiful family Bridgette. The looks on all of their faces is priceless, but the look on your little one’s face is the best. She is smiling SO big. Too cute.

  30. What a fun photo. That’s one for the memory scrapbooks.


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