Get Outside: Where the Other You Lives!

As hot as it has been here in Southeast Louisiana this Summer, I admit that I am guilty of trying to convince the girls that they should play inside where the air conditioner lives!  However, I do recognize the value of playing outdoors for both exercise and discovery.  With Fall approaching, I hope to get back to the outdoors with girls!

Did you realize that the amount of time U.S. children spend outdoors has declined 50% in the past 20 years?  The Forest Service is hoping to change this startling statistic through a PSA project entitled “Where the Other You Lives” that encourages children and their parents to re-connect with the great outdoors.

This great website helps you find a forest near you and suggests activities for you and your children to share together in the great outdoors!  Check out the video below and get inspired to get outside and discover the forest!


Discover the Forest

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