Ufadili: Review

hypothesis The flip flops from Ufadili will be adorable, cute, and versatile not to mention how charitable this company is with profits!


One pair of flip flops with three sets of interchangeable velcro buttons and my oldest daughter, Lily. About Ufadili:


What if … the clothes were super cute, taught you and your children how to say things in different languages, shared unique and interesting facts and then 30% of the profits from your purchase went to helping people, animals and the planet?

That is the essence of Ufadili.

Ufadili was founded on the philosophical cornerstone of conscious consumerism. I had an idea of a place where the simple decision of buying a shirt for my daughter or a onesie for my son could be a great connecting experience – an experience that connected us artistically, culturally, educationally and charitably to the rest of the world. In this spirit came the concept for Ufadili , a name inspired by the Swahili word ” ufadhili ” meaning “kindheartedness, goodwill”.



My first impression of the Ufadili flip flops Lily received was that the packaging was very cute!  Absolutely perfect for gift giving and to top it off, the bag is biodegradable!  The flip flops came with three sets of buttons that can be interchanged using Velcro to create a whole new set of shoes!  Lily loved changing up the buttons.  The shoes came with a “Giving Tag” which is two sided.  On one side, the tag explains different languages and fun facts about the designs.  The other side indicates the organizations that benefit from 30% of Ufadili’s profits.  The tag was a great way to open the lines of communication with Lily and explain the concept of “charity” to my 4 year old.


Not only does Ufadili offer these awesome flip flops, they also provide tee shirts and onesies.  Why not purchase from a company that gives back to charity??

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