Sunday Shrimp Pasta: Hurricane Bill Edition

With the arrival of the first named storms this hurricane season, it is a reminder it’s time to clean out the freezer.  For a coastal Southerner, this does not mean empty it out and toss food that didn’t survive freezer burn, or cartons of ice cream with two bites left.   This means you need to get your rear in gear and start using EVERYTHING in your freezer so when a storm hits and you lose power you don’t have anything left in there to go bad.   Every good southerner keeps a stash of shrimp in the freezer, and shrimp ain’t cheap, honey!  So, I decided to get out of the dinner rut by trying something new and simultaneously “cleaning out” the freezer.  This came out so good I thought I would share!  It did take a little time but was easy, and I think it’s good enough to impress company.   Let me know what you think!


Hurricane Shrimp

3 pounds shrimp, heads removed

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon Barbeque spice

1/2 teaspoon basil

1/2 teaspoon thyme

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon parsley

1 tablespoon Worstechire sauce

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 cup butter

8 ounce block Velveeta cheese

8 ounces spaghetti

Directions: Rinse shrimp well under cool water and drain for one hour. (I put them in the fridge so they would stay cold)  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Meanwhile, mix all the spices together.  Spread shrimp in the bottom of a shallow pan (I used a cookie sheet with sides) and sprinkle seasonings over.  Melt butter, add worstechire sauce and lemon juice and mix until combined.  Pour over shrimp.  Bake shrimp for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Remove shrimp from oven and let cool until cool enough to handle.  Meanwhile, boil spaghetti until al dente.  Peel shrimp (reserve liquid they cooked in)  and toss with drained spaghetti.   Pour into a greased 9×13 pan and then pour reserved liquid over.  Toss again.  Grate cheese on top and return to oven.  About every five minutes, remove and toss around (just like you are tossing a salad) until cheese is melted and incorporated into sauce.  Serve immediately.


YUM!   Now I’m going to see what else is hiding in that freezer!



  1. That looks so yummy 🙂 now I want to make it and it’s 10:30 at night LOL but will try it tomorrow,we have shrimp 😉 thanks for sharing! BTW I love that plate so pretty!

  2. that looks real good

  3. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I’m allergic to shrimp, but have a big bag of it in the freezer for my family (they are lucky and are not allergic to shrimp).

  4. Yum! I actually have some shrimp in the freezer. I’ll have to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That sounds really good ~~ too bad I can’t get The Hubs to eat ANY seafood!! 🙁 I love it, so when we go out, which hasn’t been in quite some time, I usually order seafood, while he orders “man food” AKA steak!!
    Thanks for sharing… hope your family enjoyed the food and fared well in the storm.

  6. haha@get your rear in gear!! I can relate! I survived through Hugo here in the South in 1989 I believe it was!

    I am not a huge seafood lover, but it looks good-My best friend loves seafood! I’ll have to make it for him!

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