Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon: Review

hypothesis The new Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon will provide endless entertainment and fun for my two daughters while making trips to the zoo, aquarium and park infinitely easier on Mom and Dad!


One Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon, my two daughters and an after-dinner neighborhood walk.  About Radio Flyer:


Like the Original Red Wagon that lent our company its name, Radio Flyer has become an American Classic. From humble beginnings, Radio Flyer has been rediscovered with each new generation — creating a legacy of toys that continue to spark the imagination.

For over 90 years, millions of children have played with Radio Flyer wagons launching countless voyages of imagination. Their beauty, simplicity, and standards of safety encourage adventure, discovery, and the wonders of childhood.

As the new millennium gains momentum, we’re still in the driver’s seat… Creating tomorrow’s innovative products with the same classic quality and sheer sense of play that have been our trademarks from the beginning.

Radio Flyer wagons are truly icons of Americana.”



Even though New Orleans is known for its “adult” activities, we have some of the best attractions for children as well!  The Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium, City Park, and Children’s Museum are all just wonderful.  One of the best ways to get around these attractions with two kids is a great wagon.  So, when Radio Flyer contacted me about reviewing their brand new Ultimate Comfort Wagon, I am not sure who was more excited:  me, my husband or the girls!  When it arrived, my husband assembled it with ease.  The directions were easy to follow and all of the parts were included.  The girls couldn’t wait to get in and explore this luxury wagon!

This wagon includes:

  • Padded seats with storage pockets (great for cell phones!)
  • Expandable rear storage bag.  We used this compartment as a diaper bag.
  • Five Way Flip and Fold Seat (check out the versatility of this wagon in the video below)
  • Canopy provides UV Protection and detaches easily
  • Extra Large, Quiet Tires

Take a look at our experience with the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon:


We absolutely loved the radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon!  My favorite feature was the incredible versatility.  As you could see in the video, we could adjust the seating to accommodate just about any need.  The padded seats and large tires made the ride smooth for my little ones while the canopy ensured protection from the Louisiana heat.  Radio Flyer also thought of parents by providing an extra large storage compartment, cell phone pockets and cup holders.  They thought of EVERYTHING when designing this wagon.  Moms, Dads and Kids alike will adore it!  The Ultimate Comfort Wagon is a Must-have for Fall field trips or Holiday gifts!  You can purchase this wagon for $179.99 at Target.

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  1. We have a radio flyer wagon that looks similar to this one, minus the canopy, and have loved it for years. We’ve had it for like 8 years now.

    My kids are too big for it, but we use it still to carry things in.

  2. Wow, that is awesome! I love all the extras they have, such as all the cup holders, and that the seats are adjustable in many different ways. I love the canopy too because we are always scared of UV exposure in my family. A wagon might be a great alternative to a stroller for us, since my daughter is getting too tall fro strollers. Her head hits the canopy. I bet she would love a wagon. Do you think Radio Flyer needs any more reviewers? LOL! 😀

  3. the ultimate family wagon is awesome.

  4. Diane Hunn says:

    Oh the good old days! Love to have one for my grandchildren!

  5. What a FABULOUS wagon! It has everything kids AND parents need for a walk or afternoon outing. Radio Flyer really thought of everything. Thanks for the video. It helped to show just how versatile the wagon is. Looks like the girls love their wagon rides. I will definitely recommend the Ultimate Comfort Wagon to family and friends!

  6. Aww, what fun! I love that it has a little canopy and everything.

  7. Great review! I so need one of these for my two lil ones they would love this!

  8. fancygrlnancy says:

    THanks for the review…I really want to get one of these for my little man.

  9. I’ve been debaiting on purchasing one of these thanks for the great review looks too cute

  10. The Shopping Mama says:

    Wow, that wagon is super cool! Love it. It seems like a great alternative to a double stroller. My kids would love it.

  11. I love that it has the shade and padded seats! Looks like such a nice wagon! Thanks for reviewing and sharing.

  12. That is awesome! Wow. We already have one of the wooden ones but I would love this.

  13. I looked at a wagon in Toy R Us last week for my grandson. I’m glad I didn’t purchase, I like this one much better.

  14. susan queen says:

    Radio Flyer great!! I have a neighbor who as two twin boys, just right for them. She is a single mom and I know her boys would love this and she would too.

  15. I love your review! I have been trying to get more information on this type of wagon. I wasnt sure but is the seat belt go just on the waist or is it the type that goes in between the legs. Im trying to find a wagon that my baby wont slide out of!

  16. Linda, yes, it does have a seatbelt that goes between the legs as well. My daughter (who was 18 months when we got the wagon) does not slide out.

  17. Thanks for the reviews. I want to get one for my daughter for her first bday.

  18. Has someone taken this thing to the beach? How is it with 2 kids in there and on the sand? I am looking to tug two kids on the sand.

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