Get Organized for Back to School with Office Max

Today was Lily’s very first day of Preschool!  She got up at 5:30 am and begged to get dressed in her uniform even though she wasn’t leaving the house for 3 more hours!  I want to make sure she has the best possible start to her school years and I think organization is definitely key to success in school! Fortunately, I was invited to attend a blogcast with Office Max and Peter Walsh to discuss getting organized for back to school!


This informative webcast discussed great tips, suggestions and advice from the experts (Peter Walsh, a teacher, a mom and two students) on how to best organize your home, kids and classroom this Fall.  Some of my favorite tips included:

Show your children that you value organization. Your child will follow suit.

Color code each child’s belongings. For example, have a red folder, red basket, and red pencil holder for one child while using blue items for another.  This will make it easy to grab the correct papers for activities and assignments.

Once you have purchased organizational items, show your child how to use them!  All too often, a child carries a huge backpack and only uses the large section intended for textbooks!  Show them how to effectively use ALL sections of the great backpack your purchased!


Office Max also carries a HUGE variety of all the organizational products you need to start off the school year.  It is your one stop shop for that school supply list!  In addition to Peter Walsh’s IN PLACE system, Office Max also carries a kid-centric line of school products called Scoolio-Von-Hoolio which I was fortunate enough to receive from Office Max.  I adore the design of these items!  Lily immediately grabbed the pencils and a notebook and began doing her “homework.”  From expanding file folders to binders, backsacks to composition books, this line has it ALL!

If you need tips on how to organize your family before the school year begins, check out this webcast and make sure you hit Office Max for all your school supply needs!  You can also follow Peter Walsh and Office Max on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss a thing!


  1. I used to do the color coding for my kids when they were little, it not only makes it easier to grab their stuff in the morning, but stops them from fighting over what belongs to whom.

    The new stuff from Office Max is really funky, I like it a lot, and I don’t even have kids going back to school – I just love office supplies.

    Thanks for the review.

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