Bumkins: Review

hypothesis  The Bumkins waterproof toddler apron will allow my girls to paint and create their masterpieces without the worry of staining their clothes.  They will be painting in style!


One toddler apron from Bumkins and both of my daughters.  About Bumkins:


“Bumkins Finer Baby Products is dedicated to providing distinctively designed, quality, family-oriented merchandise. Bumkins believes that products can be both practical and attractive, and strives to provide visually appealing, value-driven merchandise to our loyal customers. Adhering to the strictest safety standards of the juvenile products industry, Bumkins merchandise is only made from natural or non-toxic fabrics, such as organic cotton and our signature PVC, phthalate and BPA free waterproof material. The majority of Bumkins product offerings are manufactured in the United States, further strengthening our responsible business practices and affirming a commitment to supporting the local economy.”



My girls LOVE to paint, color, glue, cut, stencil, and sculpt.  However, I don’t always love the mess it leaves behind!  i don’t want to squash their little creative spirits, so I just try to take precautions before playtime such as placing newspaper on the table and having lots of stain release on hand!  So, when I was offered a review of the Bumkins toddler apron, I was thrilled!  When it arrived in the mail, my first impression was that it was simply adorable!  The vibrant color and pattern immediately peaked the interest of my little ones.  I tried it on both girls (ages 4 and 1)  and loved the fact that the neck is completely adjustable with a toggle necktie.  This ajusts the length of the apron so it fit both my daughters well.  In addition, the product is PVC, phthalate, BPA and vinyl-free!



Bumkins offers a wide variety of items for kids including cloth diapers, bibs, and a wide array of organic and natural products.  I loved the quality of the apron I received and I have also had the opportunity to review a Bumkins bib last year which I loved as well. 

Want to try a Bumkins product?  They will be featured in one of my “Get Cool for School” prize packs coming up soon!  Check Back for details!


  1. I love the Cat in the Hat Art Smock!


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