Aeromax Toys: Review

hypothesis The Get Real Gear from AeroMax Toys will be a great way to foster my daughter’s imagination by encouraging pretend play.


One Junior Poodle Dress from the Get Real Gear collection, one excited 4 year old and an afternoon of imagination!  About Aeromax Toys:


President Mark Levine began his company 12 years ago with one product, the Aeromax 2000 Tangle Free Toy Parachute, which is still iconized in the company’s logo. Today its product line boasts 250 (and counting) items and every top toy industry award. Charitable giving is an important component of Levine’s business plan with thousands of units donated to Kids Wish Network and most recently, Kids In Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S.).


As Lily reached the age of four, she really began to LOVE dressing up and engaging in pretend play.  Her favorite activity in school was the “dress-up center” and she would live in a costume these days if we let her!  So, when Aeromax Toys approached us for a costume review, Lily was ALL over it!  Aeromax toys has recently released six fresh outfits just for little girls and let Lily have her pick.  Her eyes immediately went to the Jr. Poodle dress with matching purse (I am assuming the decision was easy for her because it was PINK and had a PURSE!).  When the costume arrived, I was completely impressed by the material.  In my experience, when we buy dress up costumes, the material is very “cheap” looking and the stitching begins to loosen after only a few uses…not this one!  It looks AMAZING!  Aeromax definitely paid attention to detail including everything Lily needed to accessorize her outfit including a snappy belt and adorable purse.  She has spent no fewer than 24 hours combined (and played HARD) in her costume and it still looks fabulous.  I would highly recommend Aeromax if you want realistic looking costumes, high quality and affordable prices.



Aeromax Toys carries a ton of great costumes for boys, girls, adults and infants.  You can even personalize your Get Real Gear for only $9.95!  The size chart was also a great feature to ensure that Lily’s costume was ready to wear right out of the box.  The Jr. Poodle Skirt costume was true to size.  Need a Halloween costume or just some pretend play inspiration?  Make sure you check out Aeromax Toys for costumes sturdy enough to last for more than one Trick-or-Treat!

This review is the opinion of the Experimental Mommy. Others may have differing opinions or experiences. Thank you to Aeromax Toys for supplying the costume for review.

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