Shred Sled: Review

As the lucky mother of a son, I have often thanked the good Lord that I grew up with two little brothers.  Although sometimes maddeningly annoying, (Bridgette could tell you some stories!) they definetely helped me have a clue when it comes to what boys like.  Besides assorted rodents and reptiles often used as sister-torturing devices, they always had some contraption with wheels that was the “thing” of the moment and spent countless hours on the pavement until Mom made us come in for dinner.  In fact, one brother’s first word was “wheel.”  I tell you no lie! 

So now that my son is almost 8 (*sob*) we are gradually crossing over from little-boy-hood into the much scarier neighborhood of “cool.”  Nicolas vacillates between thinking I am a GIANT pain in his neck to thinking I am the most awesome  Mom on the block.  So my cool points went up big time today when we came home to The Shred Sled! 


From the website:   “It brings the thrills and carving movements of snowboarding to the streets!  It has a cool feel…combination of skateboarding and snowboarding!  The common feedback?  This board ROCKS!”

Once Nicolas knew his shred sled was on the way, he asked when it was coming.  So within five minutes after it was delivered, we took to the streets!  Well, the porch!  The demo video  recommends starting out against a wall for support.  I found the video extra helpful because he could see the kids doing it and it explained in detail how to place your feet and what to do.  So that’s exactly what we did.   Before he got started I took note of how well-made the shred sled is.  It is extremely rugged and tough and looks like it can handle a beating from any kid!  Nicolas loved the fact that it was black, but it’s also available in other colors too! 

So here is our first attempt: 

Getting Started

 Within ten minutes (and the help of Dad), he had gotten to this point: 

\”Just walk with me!\”

….and not much longer, some success!

Getting the hang of it!

I think he was somewhat impeded by our hysterical laughter (and his own) but he really was getting good at it!  He talked about it until bedtime that night, and made me promise he could get out on it again first thing in the morning. 

What I really like about it is that it promotes exercise and strengthening of the legs and torso.  I try to encourage the kids to get outside and get moving as much as possible in leiu of video games that fry their brain cells and lead to couch-potato disease!  Luckily, both kids love being outside and being active and I think the Shred Sled is going to get a lot of action!  I bet my all-grown-up baby brothers will even come get on it!

I would definetely recommend the Shred Sled to any active and adventurous kid.  I would be willing to bet any cool kid who sees it in motion will be putting it on their Santa list this year!

Think your child would love the Shred Sled?  Come back in August when the The Not-So-Blog will be hosting a HUGE Back to School giveaway with a few other fabulous bloggers.  We *may* even have a Shred Sled to give away!



  1. Badger Momma says:

    This looks really neat. I’ve heard great things about the Shred Sleds. Thanks for putting up your videos because this is the first time I actually got to see the motion of the wheels. That looks just so cool. It’s nice that you have a nice smooth street for your son to practice on too! 🙂

  2. green3832 says:


  3. Diane Hunn says:

    Great job Jen! I remember your brothers and Eric and the skateboard ramps! what a ride!

  4. My son has been bugging for the Wave since he saw one at a school skateboarding school field trip. As he says “IT ROCKS” lol I’ll be watching for your up coming giveaway 🙂

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