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So, my 35th birthday was just last week and I am not handling it as well as I thought I would.  Thirty didn’t bother me in the least, but 35 is almost 40!  I feel like at 40, I should be wise and have lots of life experience to share with my kids, but I just don’t feel prepared to be an “adult.”  Yes, I know that you are officially an adult once you hit 18 (or is it 21?), but I guess I am having a hard time making that jump!


Want to cheer me up?  I found a great website that lets you not only send free e-cards to your friends and family, but also provides printable cards!  I love printing out cards for my kids to color for their Grandparents.  They really love them more than store bought cards and they are MUCH cheaper! 

So head over to Got Free eCards and check out the amazing selection of adorable free birthday Ecards, photo cards, and even funny knock-knock ecards!

Have trouble remembering important birthdays or events?  Check out the free birthday reminder service provided as well!  Never forget a birthday again….by the way, mine is July 16th.

I am participating in “Jump Start Your Blog Contest”  sponsored by got-free-ecards and momdot.

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