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hypothesis will be a great way to network, share pictures and videos with close family and friends online in a safe environment.

materials My photos, videos and family email addresses and the website.  About Multiply:

Based in Boca Raton, FL, Multiply offers its members a comprehensive media management solution with social tools that allow them to share personal content safely and securely with a relevant audience of real-life personal contacts. The only mainstream social network with a fully-integrated photo finishing solution, Multiply makes it easy for members to order photo-centric products right from their accounts, and Members enjoy the benefit of permanent storage and back ups of their original resolution media files. Multiply’s best of breed privacy controls appeal to a growing number of individuals who are not only concerned with privacy issues surrounding other social networks, but who value content created by their real-world friends and family.

methods To get started, I simply signed up for a FREE account, personalized my page with a premade template and uploaded pictures and video from my PC.


My first impression of the site was that it was very user-friendly.  When creating an account you can specify what your personalized URL which makes it infinitely easier to share with friends and family.  After activating my account, I browsed all of the different options and decided to set up my homepage first.  You can choose from several premade templates and upload a profile picture as well.  Next, I wanted to get to the “meat and potatoes” of the site and tried to manage and organize my photos.  I easily was able to upload pictures and video in record time.  If you follow my Twitter at all, you will know that I have been having massive issues with my slow as molasses computer, so honestly, I was dreading trying to upload pictures.  But, it went incredibly smooth and oh so fast!  I am probably the LEAST patient person in my family, so fast equals good in my book!

One feature I thought was really neat was that after publishing a picture, I could decide who has access to it.  For example, I can set the level of privacy I want for that photo.  Maybe I only want Aunt Ethel to see the picture of baby Aubrie, or I have professional pics that only co-workers can view….it’s all possible with Multiply!

summary is also so much more than a photo hosting site.  It is also a great place to network, too!  You can publish blog posts, send personal messages, create birthday reminders, edit photos, and create a calendar.  Of course, you can also purchase prints, photo books, and cards.  Here are the latest improvements to the newly redesigned service:

  • Multiply’s Media Locker serves as a member’s central home for media – making it easier than ever to publish photo albums and videos with a few clicks, while offering members a private, secure dashboard to view, organize, store and edit their media.
  • Fully Integrated Online photo editing tools including red eye and blemish reduction, cropping and resizing, contrast/brightness controls, exposure adjustment and auto leveling – make it easy to edit photos right from a member’s Media Locker, making photo editing possible at any time, from any computer. With Version 4.0, Multiply will be the first major social network that offers photo editing integrated within its core service.
  • Multiply’s AutoUploader is more powerful than ever, making it a simple, time-saving solution for automatically uploading media files to the Multiply Media Locker. AutoUploaders save, on average, 90 minutes each week in upload time with the free, quickly installed, no fuss tool. The AutoUploader provides a completely automated back up solution for a member’s most precious photos and videos.
  • Picasa and Windows Photo Gallery plug-ins will allow members to seamlessly import their desktop media galleries to their online media lockers.
  • An Expanded Selection of Photo Finishing Options, with additional themes and options for turning favorite photos into physical products, including photo books, calendars, cards and prints, give members the ability to turn their favorite photos into memorable keepsakes.


references As always, a basic account at is FREE.  And right now, they are offering ALL my Not-So-Blog readers 50 free 4×6 prints with the code 50NOTSOBLOG


  1. I have been using multiply for years and I love it! It has been a great way to keep in touch with family and to have a permanent keepsake of my girls.

    Recently they added a plugin that you can add to your menu bar so that you can see any new posts right away. My favorite thing too is the new auto uploader. As soon as I put my card from my camera in, they are online…no muss no fuss!

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