Hot Picks from Haute Mamas: July Edition!

Looking for some new blogs to read with some fabulous content and giveaways? I have been asked to be a part of a new feature on Cool Baby Kid called “Hot Picks from Haute Mamas!” Each month, we will be bringing you some bloggy picks that you do not want to miss! Check out the July edition below:


Do you have a post you want to get noticed?  Leave a link to a great post, review or giveaway!


  1. The Shopping Mama says:

    Thanks for the cool linky, Bridgette. Love all the Hot Picks!

  2. Can we link a meme we want to get more exposure?

  3. Sure, Shan! Link away!

  4. Thanks, Alicia!

    Here is my latest edition of my meme:

    Or should it be the instructions post instead?

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