BlogHer ’09: Wait, there’s classes, too?

With all the hullabalo about the fabulous BlogHer parties and networking opportunities, I barely even noticed that there are actual classes and seminars, too!

If you are looking for me, I will be firmly planting my butt in a chair at the Geek Lab (after all, I am most comfortable in a lab, LOL!) learning WordPress, HTML, Photoshop, and SEO so I don’t have to annoy the heck out of my bloggy friends anymore. If I am going to grow this blog, I need to learn to stand on my own two feet when it comes to all the technical behind the scenes stuff (oh yes, there is an actual woman behind the curtain here at The Not-So-Blog!). In my short year of blogging, I have learned more than I ever thought possible, so I cannot wait to dive in and learn more!


My BlogHair

In fact, I leave in under 48 hours! Holy Moly! I haven’t packed a THING, but at least my hair is cut and colored (the gray hair was not too becoming for this 35 year old)!

But don’t fret, I am leaving you in the capable hands of Jennifer, the Not-So-June.  Maybe she’ll post a recipe or even share a new giveaway with you while I’m gone! 


Come and find me at BlogHer ’09 to learn more about the wonderful sponsors that helped me get there! Check out the gorgeous Gina B Bella laptop bag from Kolobags and receive extra entries to the giveaway! Find me in my Bomb Mom T-shirt to receive a goody bag filled with some awesome swag!  And for the mommies with young ones, I’ll be holding a drawing for a stroller liner and handing out some great items from New Native!

I’ll be posting and tweeting as much as I can from BlogHer!  Make sure you check back to keep up with all the excitement!


  1. Diane Hunn says:

    Have fun sweetheart and as I always say…smile pretty! love you, Mom (the mom…er …your mom that is)

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Pretty as usual, sweet mama! I’ll be joining you at the tech classes for sure!:)

  3. I can’t wait!!

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