Wordless Wednesday

On Father’s day, we visited the New Orleans Audubon Insectarium.  As part of the tour, you are asked if you would like to “taste test” some bugs!  I never thought Lily would go for it, but here she is eating a chocolate “chirp” cookie containing real crickets.  ACK!  She actually wanted seconds!



  1. flip flops & pearls says:

    Very Cute picture!!! We have been there many times…..I love that place!!
    Are you close to NOLA?? I will be there most likely within the month!
    Shoot me an email at flipflopsandpearls@gmail. DOT com
    Have a great evening!

  2. That is one brave little girl!

  3. Such a cute picture! Although I’d be so grossed out from the thought of eating a cricket!

  4. What a wonderful picture. I can’t believe she was brave enough to try crickets. How funny. Then she wanted more? haha

    Happy WW from Sara @ The Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  5. Stefanie says:

    Oh now that is gross! Well at least you know she’s not picky! lol 😉

  6. Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents says:

    Wow, never would my kids do that! (or me!) She’s way brave!
    Happy WW & mine’s posted too!
    Wordless Wednesday

  7. Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy says:

    Wow, what a brave little gal you have there! No way my daughter would have done it. Now my boys….that is another story.

  8. YUCK! lol! What a brave little girl.

  9. The Shopping Mama says:

    Ew! Hope you had a great father’s day.

  10. I’ve never heard of an insectarium. Was your skin totally crawling after it was all said and done? Lily looks like she loved it!

  11. hey if it’s sweet and chocolately, usually kids are down. ha ha

  12. All I can say is ewwwwww!

  13. oh wow! I know I wouldn’t be brave enough!

  14. Yuck! I don’t mind bugs, but I don’t think I could eat them.

  15. How adorable, looks like a great day!

  16. Ewww, see kids don’t have anything that holds them back. IF I even new a bug touched the cookie, I would have tossed it lol.

  17. Ewwh! I can’t believe how brave she is.
    Thanks for hosting!

  18. Diana Rambles says:

    I like chocolate, but not that much!

  19. I can’t believe she ate that!! Looks like you all had a great time!

  20. I probably would have tried it too, but I’m pretty sure Lauren wouldn’t go near it! Unless, maybe if we didn’t tell her what’s in it! 😉

  21. Toni @ The Mud Bug says:

    So cool. You could never get my girls to eat that unless you didn’t tell them about the crickets.

  22. Real crickets? Seriously? Eww!

  23. What a cutie! I love her dress!~

  24. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    Ewwww really? oh man, she’s one brave girl

  25. Happy WW! She’s preparing for a role on ‘Fear Factor’!

    I invite your blog readers to see impact that warlords have on Africa with the abundance of guns, bullets and genocide!

    peace, Villager

  26. Ewwwwwwwww…I couldn’t do it! How much did you pay her?

  27. Umm…gross!!! That is awesome that she went for it though.

  28. Great photo!

  29. Jacqueline says:

    My kids would eat anything with chocolate in it, lol. She’s so darling in her dress! I love it! Happy WW B!:)

  30. Ewwww!! That makes me wonder what my children would do…I wonder if a cookie would win out over their dislike of bugs.

  31. wow kids will eat anything! ick

  32. Terra Heck says:

    She’s definitely braver than I am. Kudos to her for trying it!

  33. Wow- brave little girl and great pic but just eeewwwwwwwwww!

  34. She is one brave little girl. =D

  35. Diane Hunn says:

    That’s my grandaughter!!! Granny Di

  36. Hey, I’m the world’s biggest chocoholic (it is a food group in my house), but even I wouldn’t do that!! My boys on the other hand…. they would have, but only if money were involved, haha. She’s gorgeous, but I bet in 10 years if you show her this pic, she will be mortified!!

    Have a great summer.


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