Wordless Wednesday

017 Bathing Beauty


  1. Adorable!

  2. Yay for summer fun!

  3. Way too cute! I can’t wait to take the girls swimming!

  4. Aww…she’s so sweet!

  5. She’s adorable!!! I can’t wait to take my girls swimming!

  6. Lisa-MomDot says:

    awww all these little ones in swimsuits enjoying the sun! So sweet

  7. Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy says:


  8. Taking a moment to ham it up for the camera. That’s cute.

  9. Bridgette, Bridgette, Bridgette! I keep forgetting to email you! What a cutie! Now send some of that hot weather this way!

  10. She is so precious! I love summertime!

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  11. That’s adorable! Love those cheeks!

  12. She is adorable!

  13. oh how precious! I just adore her hair!

  14. What an adorable face! Summer pics are almost always better than winter ones.
    I have a WW linky up if you like – http://www.valmg.com/index.php/2009/wordless-wednesday-feet-and-cheese/

  15. She is a beauty!

  16. Oh my goodness, she is extremely CUTE!!

  17. Christy aka The Write Gal says:

    That is so cute! That pool looks refreshing. Love your new blog design. Way cool header– did you make it?? I am trying to decide if I should get a new Write Gal. A hard decision to make. Happy WW!

  18. Toni @ The Mud Bug says:

    OMG! She is so gosh darn adorable!

  19. The Shopping Mama says:

    Sweet! Man, I want to get in a pool!

  20. Summer Fun!! Looks like she was enjoying the water!

  21. Look at those cheeks! Love it!

  22. Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome says:

    Oh my goodness, she is TOO cute. She has got the most beautiful eyes. Great photo.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

  23. BassAckwards Mom says:
  24. Yay for summer!

    I absolutely love your blog’s new look!

  25. I love her cheeks

  26. Stefanie says:

    How cute is she? What a little doll! Happy WW to ya! 🙂

  27. So cute! She is really a doll. 🙂

  28. I love summer … she is adorable!

  29. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    awwww look at those big chubber cheekers. love it!

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