Tyson and Robin Miller need YOU!

I have had the opportunity to work with Tyson a few times this year.  I have learned so much about their products and Tyson frozen pre-cooked chicken strips are now a staple on my grocery list.  Now, Tyson needs your help!

tysonlogo I have showcased some of Robin Miller’s “Mealtime Minute” videos on The Not-So-Blog where Robin gives excellent tips on how to use the Tyson products to create fabulous and fast meals for your family.  Now, Robin will be starting a monthly column that will be featured on Tyson.com in order to answer YOUR questions about topics that are important to Moms and everyday cooks.

Do you have a burning question for Robin? It can be anything from meal prep to questions about cooking chicken, beef and pork to questions about feeding her family and how she gets everyone together for a nice, family meal.

Please leave your question in this post and Robin will be reading through the questions to decide what to feature in her next “Mealtime Minute!”  YOUR question could take the spotlight at Tyson.com!

Keep checking back here at The Not-So-Blog because I have a very exciting Tyson review and giveaway coming up on June 16th!


  1. Karen of Sillymonkeez says:

    Is there a kid-friendly dish that includes meats and veggies that I can try on my 3 children? I have the hardest time getting them to eat vegetables and I’ve found that I need to mix them into the dish so that they will at least eat some.

  2. Oh that would be a fun company to review! Lucky you!

    Hmmm…we actually only get their chicken bites. Embarrassed to admit I didn’t realize all they sold until I just checked their site. Those skillet sensation look good. Do they have any great recipes of theres or products to combine with their chicken bites or with hot dogs?

  3. mary green says:


  4. Melinda says:

    I’d like to know how I can start reviewing their products…they look great!

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