Toddler Virtues: Review and Coupon

hypothesis The Toddler Virtues tee will not only look incredibly cute on Lily but will help turn her vice into a virtue.

materials One Toddler Virtues tee with the saying “Courage” and one 4 year old who finds the fear in just about everything.  About Toddler Virtues:

toddlervirtueslogo1 I feel that to make the world a better place, we need to start with our children. I propose that we bring back virtues. What if we instilled virtues like kindness, courage, tolerance, gratitude and patience into our toddlers? What if eventually these virtues became not only a word, but a way of life? What would happen if these virtuous toddlers became virtuous school aged children, young adults and our leaders of tomorrow? Maybe instead of seeing school shootings sprung by hatred, cowards for authority figures or wars arising from intolerance and impatience, we’ll see new and gracious generations make decisions based on respect and virtues. Just imagine what a world that would be!

methods Monika, the Founder and President of Toddler Virtues, devised a 5 step plan that comes with every tee.  I followed the plan to a “tee” with my oldest daughter, Lily.  The 5 steps include:  Read the virtue, define the virtue, tell a story related to the virtue, repeat story when shirt is worn, and pass it on!

results First, a little background:  Swim lessons last summer with Lily did not go well.  She was terrified of the water and it was a fight to get her in the water each and every week.  But, it is important to me that she learn to swim because she is getting to the age where she may go to a friends house and water safety is very important.  So, off we went to swim lessons again this year.  To my amazement she did incredibly well!  Sh eis jumping in the pool and swimming half way across by herself!  However, at the end of each class, she has the opportunity to go down a water slide.  Lily freezes up and refuses to try the slide.  I just hate the fact that fear is holding her back from having fun and enjoying life!  So, I brought the Toddler Virtues tee out last night and explained to her what Courage means.  We talked about how fear can hold you back and Lily really opened up about why she is so scared.  I put the shirt on her and immediately her face lit up like she had super-powers!  Her shirt reads, “Courage.  Being brave even when doing something you are afraid to do.


And guess what?!?  Today……she went down the slide!

summary I absolutely love the Toddler Virtues Tees!  Not only for it’s quality, but for it’s message.  There are shirts for many virtues including kindness, gratitude, patience, courage and tolerance.  In my experience, the shirt was so much more than a garment.  It allowed Lily to break free from the fear and “slide” into fun!  Another great aspect of the Toddler Virtues Tee is that the company encourages toddlers to “pass on” their virtue once they learn and adopt the practice of their virtue.

references The Toddler Virtues Tees can be purchased directly from their website.  The toddler shirts are $20 and Mom shirts are $22.  The patience shirt is now available in long sleeves for $22.  If your order and let Monika know that you found her from the Not-So-Blog, you will receive 20% back on your order!

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