All Small and Mighty gives BIG with Celebrity Apprentice!

Doing laundry is not exactly one of the most glamorous tasks of being a Mom, actually, I hate it.  From buying those heavy jugs of laundry detergent all the way to folding the clothes, I despise each and every step.  So, anything to make me job easier is more than welcome in my home!

all_logo All Laundry has recently come out with a new liquid detergent that is 3x as concentrated:  the all small and mighty!  From the press release:

“all® small & mighty® is the most concentrated cleaning power from ‘all’ with long lasting freshness. That’s because it provides Time Released Freshness while you are wearing your clothes.  Its small 32-oz 96oz and bottle hold enough to wash a big 32 loads and 96 loads, while cutting down on packaging waste. So it helps keep our planet fresh too!”

001 I had the chance to try out one bottle of all small and mighty in the stainlifter variety.  I love the fact that the packaging is small which takes up less space in my grocery basket and in my laundry room.  The detergent worked great on my kids’ clothing and both my husband and I like the scent.

All Small and Mighty was featured in episode six of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.  Unfortunately, neither team won the task (which was to create a 60 second viral video about all small and mighty), so the celebrity’s charities did not benefit.


All Small and Mighty decided to capitalize on it’s appearance in the TV show by teaming with Melissa and Joan Rivers, participants of the Apprentice.  Both Melissa and Joan created their own viral videos and have posted them at  Each time you forward the videos to your friends and family, All Laundry will donate 50 cents to the Rivers’ charities, Guide Dogs for the Blind & The Lili Claire Foundation.

While you’re there, enter to win 2 tickets and an expense paid trip to the Apprentice Finale!  Don’t forget to grab an All Small and Mighty coupon, too!


  1. Courtney says:

    I’m currently using All right now. It’s done a lovely job! ::)

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