Wordless Wednesday


Ready for the spotlight!


  1. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    I’ll say! She looks soooo pretty and very proud!

  2. Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy says:

    She is adorable!

  3. Sara Bonds @ Ordinary and Awesome says:

    What a little cutie pie. She has a smile that lights up that stage!

  4. That is a great smile

  5. Christy aka The Write Gal says:

    How adorable. She looks so happy in that pic. We have lots of dance pics at my house. My daughter has been taking since she was 2 and she will be 9 very soon. Happy WW!

  6. Oh wow…what a cutie!!! Reminds me of my old dance days…love it. 🙂

  7. So cute! She looks so excited!

  8. So very cute!!! her smile lights up the whole stage!

  9. AW! Very pretty.

  10. How cute is she?!? That really is adorable.

  11. Lisa-MomDot says:

    Aww she is so sweet !

  12. OMG what a cutie! She is gorgeous.

  13. Oh my Gosh!!! How cute is she!!!

  14. She looks so sweet!

  15. Run DMT says:

    She is so beautiful! Happy WW!

  16. melitsa@Play Activities says:

    Great pic- like the print.

  17. Toni @ The Mud Bug says:

    She is adorable! My 5yo has her dance recital in a few weeks. So exciting!

  18. Looks like she loves to perform! =) She’s beautiful…btw.

  19. She looks so pretty {and very happy!}

  20. How beautiful! Great pic

  21. She looks like such a big girl in that picture. She is so proud, and should be!

  22. I love her dress, she is too cute! I want one.(the dress, already got two of those (girl) LOL

  23. ah, she’s beautiful and looks like she is really enjoying herself!

  24. GAhome2mom says:
  25. Maria@Conversations with Moms says:

    What a princess. Love her smile.

  26. Look at that Glam Girl!!

  27. You go girl!!! And in all my favorite colors ~ Red, black, and purple!!!

  28. I love the outfit! She’s adorable!

  29. Oh wow, how cute is that?

  30. That is sooo cute! Great memories for later in life.

  31. bonggamom says:

    Ah yes… spring recital time!

  32. She is adorable.

  33. So cute! You can see her pride!

  34. So pretty!

  35. Jacqueline says:

    How darling! What a doll!:)

  36. Diane Hunn says:

    That’s her mommie’s smile for sure!!!


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