We have had some awesome contests in May here at The Not-So-Blog!  And I am not done YET!  Wait till you see what I have for you on Monday!  You will NOT want to miss it!

Thanks to all who entered the recent giveaways!  The sponsors are so pleased with the participation of my readers! THANKS!

Sweet Muse:  Becca

Leg Huggers:  Andrea H

Piggy Paint: Victoria

Misikko Flat Iron:  Rose

ProActive Parenting: Daphne

Little MissMatched:  Kristy

Bob Evans:  Katie

Build-a-Bear:  Mariah

Please claim your prize within 72 hours of receiving an email to claim your prize! CONGRATS!!


  1. Congratulations Winners!!!

  2. Congrats Winners!

  3. Does the winner receive an e-mail saying that they won that they need to respond to or what? It says that Mariah won the Build-a-Bear contest, and I entered it, and my name is Mariah, but I do not know if it is me. I have never won a contest here so I was not sure how it worked. Thanks!

  4. Mariah: Yes, it’s you! I plan to email everyone tomorrow.

  5. victoria says:

    thank you

  6. Oh ok, thanks! Congratulations to all the other winners as well!

  7. You have all been emailed! Victoria: yours came back to me as undeliverable. I will try again later today.

  8. victoria says:

    admin thats so weird i dont know why that happened. um try if the gmail still doesnt work or if you use facebook or anything like that i can send my address to you there

  9. Thanks for the win, I am so excited!!! I am a total choco-holic 🙂

  10. Wow! Thanks so much. I’m sure my daughter will enjoy this one!

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