Ready for Summer!

Today is Lily’s very last day of Pre-K(3)!  I can’t believe how the time has flown this year!  I am bringing her to her class picnic today to celebrate with her friends.

0051 Last Day of School!

Recently, she came home with a little “yearbook” that the teacher put together.  It included lots of artwork, pictures and surveys.  I think the questionnaires were the funniest part!

My Mom is:  24 years old (whoo hoo….she thinks I am 10 years younger!)

I want to be:  a cheerleader

If I were a farmer, I would raise:  dogs

I wish:  My Mom would take me to the mall (aka buy me something)

My favorite this about school is:  playing with play-doh

This year, I learned about:  butterflies

The book was just precious (and included a picture she drew of our family.  I was ALL legs and my husband was ALL feet! LOL!).  I admit, I got all choked up looking at how much she progressed over the year.  I can’t imagine what next year will bring!  But for now…..



  1. Lily is my daughter’s name also! Your little girl is a doll!

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