Need some last minute extra entries?!?

I am not above bribes! LOL!

Little MissMatched is running an affiliate contest in conjunction with Lost Sock Memorial Day and I want to WIN!  (The competitive side of me is not pretty…it doesn’t come out often, but I sooooo need to win!!)

So, here’s the deal…..

If you buy a set of socks from the Little MissMatched sale section for $8.00 between NOW and May 11th, YOU get an additional pair of socks FREEYou MUST click through this button to purchase:

Buy One Get One FREE

Come back here and let me know you bought a pair!  No cheating, I can tell if you really didn’t!  In gratitude, you will receive 10 extra entries into each of the following giveaways I have on my blog right now:

Misikko Flat Iron

Piggy Paint

Leg Huggers

Sweet Muse Brownie Buttons

These socks are really adorable. You need them.  Really.  🙂


  1. How about if I get one of the messenger bags for $20?

  2. It still counts towards my affiliate program, but not for this specific contest.

  3. andrea v says:

    just submitted my order. I’m going to add my 10 extra entries. thanks. let me know if you need my order number.

  4. awesome! thanks! go ahead and add your entries!!

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