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In about 4 weeks, I am performing on stage with my dance studio. This means that I have to squeeze my 34 year old, 2 kids, haven’t done a sit up in a year self into some tights, fishnets and costume. YIKES! I am actually down to pre-pregnancy weight now, but I could stand to lose about 7 more pounds. I am buckling down now because I am in the home stretch, but I can use all the help I can get!


I ran across a great new weight loss site called Dean Tornabean’s Look Cut.  This program is all about VEEP:  the Visual Eating and Exercise Plan.  After reading several great articles, I think they are on to something! For me, some of the most helpful articles include tips on how to curb night eating, using visualization to beat cravings, and stress eating.  There are also some great articles on pregnancy and exercise!

In addition to the articles, there are helpful discussion forums and a reasonably priced shop to buy supplements and nutritional products.  I decided to give it a try and take the in depth survey that will help you determine where your fat is located, your specific dieting needs and optimum caloric intake.

Hopefully, Look Cut will help me stay on track and look great on stage on June 13th!  If I succeed, I’ll even post a picture or two!


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