Did I make a wrong turn?

…….and land in Hell?!?  It has been so unbelievably hot here in South Louisiana!  Technically, it’s only been about 87 degrees, but when you are chasing after a stubborn one year old, it seems like 187 degrees!

egg I spent the weekend outside at pool parties and managed to burn myself to a crisp.  I put sunscreen on the kids, but none on myself!  Smart, huh?  Hoping to stay inside for the next couple of days in the nice, cool air conditioning!

How’s your Summer so far?


  1. victoria says:

    ugh hot and sticky in bakersfield 88 degrees and overcast its uck

  2. Seriously its colder then cold here in Massachusetts! We even had to cover the garden last night (and tonight) because we keep getting frost! We had one day above 80 in May!!! It sucks!

  3. Sorry to hear you got burnt. I lived in New Orleans for years. I kept sunscreen by every door, in the garage, the car, my purse, everywhere. But it’s so true about forgetting to put it on yourself. You chase the kids, slather them with sunscreen, then get caught up getting everybody out the door and forget to put it on yourself. Ugh. Here’s a little tip for the inevitable sunburn. I keep solarcane (the green gel in a bottle, can’t remember exactly what it’s called) I keep it in the fridge. What a relief. It seems I can only put on one layer of the stuff before I feel sticky and gunky, so keeping it in the fridge gives it a little extra soothing quality. Funny story about life in south Louisiana, we (hubby & I) put on sunscreen but fell asleep by the pool. We were a little burnt but had plans for dinner. So I put on a nice strappy open-backed dress. Walked into the bar and my friends just cracked up and poined at my back. My brother-in-law laughed so hard he fell of his barstool. Seriously. I went into the bathroom and looked at my back. There was a perfect white “shadow” where my husband had rested his hand on my back. OMG! I was so embarrased.

  4. LOL! Too funny, Heather! I need to get some Solarcane!

  5. Lisa-MomDot says:

    i feel for you ! I have no idea how you all deal with the heat. I get grumpy when it gets anywhere pver +25 which would be +77 for you all. There is times when we get way over +30 which would be 86 and I want to die! I dont leave the house when it is that hot. And we dont have air in our homes like you all do !Hope you have a great day !

  6. I would die with no A/C!!

  7. Bridgette, I would gladly change places with you for a month. (yep, sorry, that’s all!) It’s been a cold, rainy spring here! Where’s summer?? The cold weather keeps making me eat winter-comfort foods so my weight continues…someday I’ll join your Thurs meme! Oh, did you get my email? Just trying to catch up!

  8. VERY HOT around here too!

  9. Caroline says:

    I just cannot believe it is even summer here! We are in the midwest and I am convinced of the junk weather must be global warming. Or global cooling I guess 🙂 I have been waiting for many many many looooong months for warm weather and we just cannot seem to get there. Sorry for the sunburn though…that does stink! I worry not only about sunscreen (especially my mad hunt for a natural one) but for bugs! I have been using the Topricin cream for our kiddos when they get a bug bite (even got a bee sting the other day) and it has been Awesome! Yes, I used a cap A for it! I love it and it really helps our babes with bites among other aches and pains…and best of all, it is all natural! No nasty chemicals. WHEW. Now what I need is a preventative bug spray and sunscreen that is all natural. I am covered on the after-the-fact bites and for those lovely growing pains. Any suggestions? Good luck with your burn…ouch. Maybe it would provide you some relief with that too! I found it at topricin.com smilinggreenmom *find me on twitter!!

  10. I feel your pain! We are in Fla and it FEELS like it’s SO hot. Especially when you are chasing little (and not so little) ones 🙂

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