Creative’s Vado: Review

hypothesis Having a pocket video camera will allow me to easily take videos of my kids and share them with     friends and family.

materials One Vado Pocket Video Camera, one tired 4 year old and one Mommy videographer.  Some of the features of the Vado are:  two whole hours of great video at the touch of a button, super simple video sharing using the flexible USB to post videos online or save them to your PC, and recharging via USB instead of using an endless pile of disposable batteries!


methods When I received the Vado Pocket Video Camera from Creative USA, I couldn’t wait to start filming.  My oldest daughter, Lily came up with the idea to play “News Reporter” just before bedtime.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to see how easily we could video her antics and upload them for her to watch on the computer.

results After the Vado was finished charging (it took about 4 hours), we were ready to rock and roll!  The Vado does come with easy to understand instructions, but honestly, I didn’t need them.  This pocket video cam was self-explanatory and user friendly.  We filmed Lily’s “News Report” with no problems and uploaded it using the built in software and flexible USB tab almost instantly.  You have the option to place the video clip on YouTube or Photobucket in order to share your precious moments with family and friends.  I chose to upload to YouTube which was very quick and easy as well.  Watch Lily’s New Report here:

Another feature that I loved about Creative’s Vado was it’s portability!  It is very lightweight and fits in my pocket or my purse making it easily accessible so I don’t miss one single video-worthy moment!

summary Would I buy a Creative Vado?  YES!  It is certainly more cost effective (and cute!) than a larger camcorder and so portable that I don’t leave home without it.  Oftentimes, I find us leaving our handheld camcorder at home because no one wants to carry it!  This product will definitely make my life easier, and for a busy Mom, I am ALL about EASY, which proves my hypothesis to be CORRECT!

references Creative’s Vado can be purchased for $99.99 directly from Creative’s website.  There is also a high definition version available for $229.99.  Unfortunately, the Experimental Mommy does not have one to giveaway on this post, but I know my friend Renee over at What Mommies Need has a Vado giveaway going on until May 31st!


  1. mary green says:

    I need one.

  2. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the great review! Seems like this would come in handy!

  3. I SO love my Vado Especially because I won it but because its so easy to work and produces great video’s.

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