Wordless Wednesday

0053 YUM!  First (and I am sure not last) taste of ice cream!


  1. Sara Bonds says:

    Cool! I bet she loved it. She is adorable. I love her big blue eyes.

    Happy WW from Sara @ Mostly Wordless Wednesday HQ!

  2. I love her little curls! Must be some good ice cream, too cute!

  3. mmmmm! Her first taste, my boys love ice cream!!

  4. Look at that beautiful baby :). Happy WW B!

  5. YUMMY!

  6. Can i have some, too? 😉

  7. I agree, her hair is gorgeous.
    What kind of ice cream was she “sampling”?

  8. Yummy is right, how adorable!

  9. Awww…looks yummy!

  10. Christy aka The Write Gal says:

    I wanna bite! Yummy. Happy WW!

  11. Do ya think she’ll share? 😀

  12. How cute! Thanks for hosting!

  13. mmmmmmmmm can I have a lick?

  14. Oh yum, I bet she just loved it. BTW she ia a stunning child.

  15. Hahaha! My parents made sure to give my daughter her first taste of ice cream when she was just over a year old. They were shocked we hadn’t given it to her before!

  16. She’s loving that. But who can blame her?

  17. Toni @ The Mud Bug says:

    Yummy ice cream!

  18. Yum! She looks like she is enjoying it!

  19. That is so cute! She is getting so big!

  20. Stefanie says:

    So cute! I love all her curls! 🙂 Happy WW to ya!

  21. She’s beautiful. Love her curls!

  22. looks like she is hooked!

  23. Yum! It seems like forever since I’ve had a yummy waffle cone like that. I might have to make a trip to Ben and Jerry’s this weekend after seeing this photo.

  24. Dominique says:

    Awww..she is so cute. Love her curly hair. It is making me crave for an ice-cream too. 🙂


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