Review and Giveaway: Tutu Legz

There are a few things that little girls just cannot have enough of:  bows, lace, shoes, dresses, barrettes, stockings and…..tutus!  If you are a Mom of girls, you will be Tu-tu crazy over my next review and giveaway! tutulegz-logo

When I first ran across the website our next sponsor, TutuLegz, I thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cute.  I’d love to try them on my girls!”  I contacted Serena and Jennifer, the sisters (and best friends) who own the company and was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to feature them on my blog.  At the time, I had NO IDEA how I would fall in love with these everyday tutus!  From the moment I took them out of the box, I have been itching to share this incredible find with you!

TutuLegz is an online boutique which specializes in “fabulous, one piece, unique, not so puffy, comfy tutu with legz topped off with girly designs to add some fun!”  The sisters set out to bring the tutus out of the closet and into their daughter’s everyday wardrobe without sacrificing practicality or comfort.  The product line includes the original TutuLegz (which can be made in short, capri or full length sizes), TutuLegz Tees which complete the outfit, and some adorable holiday sets (I love the turkey design!).


TutuLegz was nice enough to send both Lily and Aubrie their very own pair of everyday tutus.  Lily received the “Lil’ Rockstar” and Aubrie was treated to “Ellie the Elephant.”  When I opened the packaging, I was just in awe at how cute they were!  I actually contemplated waking up the girls to have them try it on!  The leggings were super-soft and the tutu was surprisingly un-scratchy!  I love the way the tutus are designed by placing the appliques INSIDE the tutu.  Not only does it provide a more subtle look, but my one year old was unable to pick at the applique and pull it off. I am not the only one raving about TutuLegz!  Check out the celebrity inquiries!

When Lily saw her pair of Rockstar Legz, she shreiked and ran off to pick out her favorite Hannah Montana Tee to wear with it.  I took the girls to dinner that night and got nothing but positive feedback from people we passed.  I even handed out the website to another customer at the restaurant!

Take a look at some of the pictures I took of the girls playing in their TuTuLegz!

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You NEED these for your daughter now, right!?  You are in luck!  TuTuLegz has generously donated one pair of Tutu Legz to a lucky reader!


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    hey I love the pink ribbon- its adorable

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    I love Olivia the Octopus. These are the cutest things ever!

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  6. olivia the octopus

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    lil rockstar

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    SO CUTE!! I love having a girl! 😉

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    I’d choose Ellie the Elephant.

  10. I love the Happy Hearts! Thanks for the chance!

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    I like the penelope pony tutulegz.

  18. Penelope the Pony

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    Cute pictures! Your daughters are adorable. I love “Lil’ Rockstar” they would look so cute on my friend’s daughter.

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  21. I love the rockstar ones!

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    I’m a fan of the Penelope the Pony – girly but not too sweet! Perfect for my little one.

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    My grandaughters are just so cute!!!

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  29. man that would be so hard. i’ve narrowed it down at least to rockstar and cupcakes. ugh

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    The Cupcakes one is so adorable!! Hard to pick. Thanks for the chance.

  51. I love all of them! But, if I had to pick one it would be Olivia the Octupus! The girls look so cute in theirs!

  52. I would have to say the Olivia the Octupus are the cutest – but, I love them all. Great fashion idea for kids that love to be fru fru like my girls do!

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    I really like the Happy Hearts. Very cute!
    Thank you

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  55. Since we found out our little munchkin is a boy…it’ll be a while till I can dress up a little girl. However, I would LOVE to spoil my niece Lydia with these Tutulegz (as she won’t have any girl cousins for a while…only a brother and three boy cousins!!). I would pick the Lil’ Rockstar for her.

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    Crazy for Cupcakes!!! Thanks

  57. I like the Happy Hearts, they match with lots of tops 😀 THanks!

  58. i realy think there also nice and i be happy with realy any one of them one of them i like is the ones with the hearts add me on in thanks

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    Penelope the Pony

  93. Talula the Turkey

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