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Agoo Leg Huggers: Review and Giveaway

My oldest daughter is a dancer.  She loves everything about dance class: the music, the practice, the costumes, the leotards and the LEG WARMERS!


Lily was sent a pair of Agoo Leg Huggers to try out and as soon as the package arrived, she insisted on putting them on.  Thankfully, it was a dance lesson night!  While the anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties of Leg Huggers are great for dance class, they can be used for so much more!

From the website:

Designed perfectly to fit over baby’s legs, they provide warmth from the elements and an added layer under dresses or over short pants. EC babies are still protected, yet easily accessible. No more baggy tights or socks that fall off, these stay on and are always comfortable.  For those crawling, Leg Huggers protect knees and legs from scrapes or abrasions from hard surfaces. Toddlers love their style and individuality when accessorizing outfits. Moms appreciate them for potty training and quick access.


Lily received the Rainbow Hearts design (pictured above), but there are so many different, adorable designs to chose from!  Check out one of my favorites, Popsicle Parade!  She wore her pair to dance class and reported that they did not slip down and were very “comfy.”

Right now, Leg Huggers is giving away a Gift Basket Galore!  For every pair of Leg Huggers you buy, you will be entered to win!  Contest ends May 15th.

Leg Huggers has generously donated one pair of Leg Huggers to one lucky Not-So-Blog reader!

How to enter:

1.  Visit the Leg Hugger site and let me know which pair you would choose if you won!

Additional entries (please leave each entry as a separate comment):

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Sweet Muse: Review and Giveaway

You know what I love to receive as a birthday gift?  Chocolate. Anniversary?  Chocolate. Christmas?  Chocolate. Just because it’s Wednesday?  Chocolate! See a theme here?

So you can imagine that when I got the opportunity to review the new Brownie Buttons at Sweet Muse, I was in heaven (did I mention they are chocolate?)!  The Chief Muse, Laura Siner, started baking as a way to relax and wash away the tensions of a hectic New York City.  She busily created many varieties of gourmet brownies and began sharing them with her peers in the New York theater community.  Soon she found herself taking orders and Sweet Muse was born!

From the website:

Super moist and with rich chocolate flavor, Sweet Muse gourmet fudge brownies are baked entirely from scratch, using only the finest ingredients — premium dark chocolate, sweet creamery butter, and fresh eggs. Then, fresh from the oven, each fudgy brownie is individually wrapped to maintain maximum freshness and flavor.

You just cannot wrap your mind around all the wonderful flavors that are available.  A few that make my mouth water are Turtle, Deep Dark Double Fudge and Pecan Toffee.  The brownies can be purchased in a variety of combinations, the Buddy Box which contains 2 brownies,  an 8 piece Brownie Gift Tin, or even Heart Shaped brownies!

Can’t decide on a favorite flavor?  Laura has whipped up another delicious creation with her Brownie Button Box.  This set allows you to sample several flavors in bite sized portions.  Packaged in a cute box with red ribbon, this sampler would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift!


Sweet Muse was nice enough to send me my very own Brownie Button box to sample.  As I opened the box, the sweet aroma of chocolate forced me to dive in and start tasting!  My box included one fudge, two double fudge, two pecan and toffee, peppermint candy crunch, turtle (cashew and caramel), hazelnut, peanut butter chip, walnut, and toffee bar.  Like I said, I am a serious chocoholic, so the double fudge brownie button was my favorite.  You can definitely tell these brownies are homemade!

Believe it or not, I actually shared my brownie buttons with Lily who was more than happy to help review the product.  She loved the peanut butter chip!  In her words, it was “yuuuuuuuuumy!”


Hungry?  Want to try them for yourself?  Sweet Muse has generously offered one Not-So-Blog reader a Brownie Button Box of their very own!

How to enter:

1.  Visit the Sweet Muse site and tell me which flavor would satisfy your sweet tooth!

Additional entries (please leave each entry as a separate comment):

1.  Sweet Muse is having a flavor contest through the end of the month.  Hurry over to Sweet Musings and let them know what your dream flavor is!  If your creation is chosen, you will receive one Buddy Box of your suggested flavor!

2.  Blog about this giveaway and link to The Not-So-Blog.

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Contest ends at 11:59pm CST on May 12th.  Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited.  Open to U.S. Residents only.

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Wordless Wednesday

0053 YUM!  First (and I am sure not last) taste of ice cream!

Happy Anniversary!

Nine years ago today, I walked down the aisle and married my soul mate.  Has it really been that long?


Our engagement photo!

Randy and I met in 6th grade when he transferred to my school.  He claims that he saw me in the hallway and told me that he liked my pencil case, to which I relplied something like, “Leave me alone!”  I have no recollection of that encounter and will deny it till the day I die! LOL!

We started “dating” in 8th grade which went horribly wrong.  It ended with prank phone calls and pizzas being ordered to each other’s homes.  Obvioulsy, we were not ready to date ANYONE. 

We went to different high schools and despised each other freshman year.  Seriously.  I could not stand him.  Somehow (I guess it was fate), we swallowed our pride and slowly became friends.  I decided to invite him to my Junior Prom and the rest is history (I guess my big 90’s bangs were enough to woo him! LOL!). 

We dated for a total of 9 years while we finished high school, college and Grad school.  Finally, on April 28, 2000 we were married!  He is my best friend, my partner in crime, my confidant and soul mate. 

Love you, Ran!!!! 

Jazz Fest 2009: Our experience

Yes, I am a native New Orleanian and I have never been to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.  I know….shame on me. This year, we decided to make it right and head on over to Jazz Fest 2009 with Lily. The Imagination Movers were playing, and she just could NOT miss that!

After a pretty long wait, we managed to make it out to the stage and Lily was instantly engaged.  The Movers put on a great show…even Moms and Dads were dancing!  At the end, the Movers mentioned that Nina was in the crowd, so Lily was determined to find her.  We walked everywhere and you know what?  Lily found her!  She also got to meet Mover Dave who was extremely nice. 

Lily left that concert with stars in her eyes!  We made our way over to one of the hundreds of food booths and stuffed ourselves with some of New Orleans’ best cuisine! 

Next, we made our way to the Native American exhibits and watched a jaw dropping demonstration of Native American dancing.  Finally, we topped the day off with some yummy snowballs! 

We honestly had a blast!  Click on the slideshow to see the pics from the day (including The Movers!).

Photo and video editing at

Shirin Kids: Mommy and Me Couture Review and Giveaway

As Mother’s day draws near, have you made your wish list? I started looking around for unique and fabulous ideas for gifting when I saw the items at Shirin NYC.  Not only does this artist sell clothes for women, she has created a line of Mommy and Me couture that is a MUST see!

shirinlogo From the press release:

“An Artist from as early as she can remember, Shirin Roubeni’s distinct passion for creating nature and textiles paired with her love for children spawned Shirin Kids. She combines her innovative designs and images with her quality craftsmanship to redefine the fabric of the basic cotton tee. The end result is sophisticate delightful and even edgy collection for the little ones.

Many of the miniature designs find their equivalent counterpart in the adult line, creating a a delightful perk for mother and child in Shirin’s Mommy and Me Couture combinations (a great gift idea for Mother’s Day!)

Shirin is passionate about designing her own prints and textiles. Every one of her pieces is individually hand silkscreened with water based inks which create a soft transparent look that is complemented by pure and vibrant colors.”

shirin1 Shirin was nice enough to send Lily and I a shirt from the Mommy and Me couture collection.  First of all, this is my first ever “couture” piece, so I was pretty darn excited.  But, I will be honest, I wasn’t so sure that couture was right for a 4 year old.  When the shirts arrived,  I was definitely wrong.  These are BY FAR the softest shirts I have ever owned.  The 100% cotton tee is so light and comfortable that Lily said it felt like her pajamas.

0031 The hand silkscreened floral design was beautiful and definitely a stray from Lily’s princess and Dora tees!  She looked adorable in her shirt and she really LOVED that she and I could match!  This tee set can be purchased from Shirin NYC for $95.00.

Would you like to win the very same set Lily and I are wearing?  Shirin NYC has generously donated one tee set to a lucky Not-So-Blog reader!

How to enter:

1.  Visit Shirin NYC and tell me which other design you like best!

Additional entries: (leave each entry as a separate comment)

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MOTONAV TN20 Giveaway: What Mom needs!

The streets of New Orleans are anything but easy to navigate.  Even though I was born and raised here, the city streets always leave me lost.  Another fact of life here is evacuations.  At least once every few years, we find ourselves driving out of harms way to an unfamiliar city.  We have affectionately called these little trips, “Hurrications” which in 2005 lasted about 6 months for my family.

In times like this, when tensions and anxiety are at an all time high, a GPS navigation system, such as the MOTONAV TN20, would help to ease my mind.  From the website:

MOTONAV TN20 is a reliable, easy-to-use portable GPS navigation system that relieves the stress of driving in unfamiliar places with spoken street names and turn by turn directions.” motonav What a great Mother’s Day gift (hint hint)!  Driving in ANY city would be so much easier with this unit.  The MOTONAV TN20 has over 1 million pre-loaded points of interest and can help you find just about any restaurant, hotel, business or gas station on your trip!

This model has a 3.5″ touch screen which will adjust in brightness for day or night driving.  The touch screen allows the driver to use their finger to zoom and easily move around the map in the direction they wish to go.  It can also be mounted on your windshield with a suction cup adapter and directions can be viewed in either 2D or 3D images.

Need more features?  Check out the big brother, the MOTONAV TN30!  The biggest difference between the two units is that the TN30 is Bluetooth enabled and has Caller ID capabilities.  It is also a bit bigger with a 4.3″ touch screen and 4 million preloaded destinations.

Motorola has generously donated one MOTONAV TN20 to a lucky Not-So-Blog reader!  This is a great prize with an ARV of $179.99!

How to enter:

1.  Tell me why you absolutely NEED this prize!

Additional entries:

1.  Blog about this giveaway and link to The Not-So-Blog!

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Birthday Party destinations vs. home

The past few months, my home has been “birthday party central!”  It has been a worldwind of planning, planning and more planning!  My two girls had very different parties this year.  I have often wondered which type of party is better:  the destination party or one in the comfort of your own home?

Lily’s fourth birthday was in late January.  We held her party at an adorable little place that hosts tea parties for girls.  We actually opted for the candy making party because I found out that they actually served the kids tea in china cups!  That is an accident waiting to happen!  Lily and her school friends had a blast making chocolate covered apples and eating pizza.  The destination party, while pricier, was so incredibly easy.  We didn’t have to worry about a thing.  The party coordinator took care of the birthday party supplies, food and entertainment.


In the beginning of March, it was Aubrie’s turn.  My baby turned one!  We opted for a family and friends party at home and I chose a pink polka dot theme. My Aunt and Grandmother made an amazing cake and Aubrie had a grand time destroying it!  I actually had a great time browsing the party themes at Birthday Express and coordinating each little detail for my little one, but this party was definitely more stressful.  From cleaning my home to providing entertainment for the kids, it was time consuming.  However, I think at one year old, a home party is the way to go.  I don’t think Aubrie could have handled a destination party just yet, but I am sure her time will come!


Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to fill you guys in on a few things going on around here!


1. I have added a “Sponsor Testimonial” page. I wanted to share with you how several of my past sponsors have felt about working with The Not-So-Blog. Check it out!

2. Tomorrow is the last day to send the Spring Edition on Blog Popz! Honor your friends while winning prizes! Have you sent a Blog Pop today? Learn how!

3.  In May, I will be teaming up with 9 of my favorite bloggers to bring you a “Gear Up for Summer Block Party” giveaway series.  We have some great prizes such as a water table, sand box, kid’s swimming pool, women’s swimsuit, sunglasses, and toys to name a few!  If you have a summertime product you would like featured with a giveaway, email me at notsoblog at gmail dot com!

Hope everyone is having a good day (hang in there, it’s almost Friday!)

Sparklehearts: Review and Giveaway

The last time I took Lily to get her hair cut, the stylist suggested that we use a separate shampoo and conditioner on her hair (up until now, I had been using a 2-in-1 product).  Well, Lily always gravitates to the flashy products in the store and not always the ones that are best for her hair.

When I was approached about doing a review on Sparklehearts natural beauty products for girls, I did a little research on their products and I knew it would be an instant hit.  First of all, if I could give an award for the cutest website I have ever seen, it would definitely go to Sparklehearts!  The website is girly, colorful, and SPARKLY (not to mention easy to navigate)!

The founders of Sparklehearts, Hilary Orr and Darcy McMahon, seem to have the same problem I did.  Their search for natural beauty products for their daughters that also appealed to the fun, sparkly side of the girls came up empty.  From the press release:

Sparklehearts products are made from 99.6% natural ingredients that are completely “skinemy”-free, that means no harmful toxins or unpleasant ingredients. Instead, they use essential oils, violet extract, coconut, Shea butter, and green tea extract in their products. So, they not only feel and smell great, but because they’re all-natural they’re actually better for the body. Their products are never tested on animals and are packaged in stylish bottles using 100% post-consumer recycled materials.”

Sparklehearts was nice enough to send Lily the Shine Shampoo and the Rainbow Soft Conditioner.  Lily’s first reaction when opening the box was, “oooooooohhhhh!!”  So, the stylish bottles were a hit right off the bat.  She was excited that the bottles are pumps which she can easily dispense herself with no help from Mom.  Next,  she HAD to smell them.  Again, she was not dissappointed.  She described both products as smelling like candy.


Of course, in true diva fashion, Lily insisted on taking a bath right NOW! The shampoo lathered very well with only 2 pumps of product and the conditioner left her hair silky smooth.  I can definitely tell a difference now that we are using a separate shampoo and conditioner.  It is also comforting to know that the Sparkleheart products are always paraben, phthalate, and sodium lauryl/laureth free!  One of the Sparkleheart values is “choosing natural and safe products NOW will result in heathlier, longer-lasting beauty LATER!”


Sparklehearts currently offers five products:  Shine Shampoo, Rainbow Soft Conditioner, Peace Out No Knots Hair Detangler, Bubbling Blooms Body Wash and Sweet Hearts Sparkly Body Lotion.  I am definitely going to invest in more products for Lily and I think this would make great birthday gifts as well!

Use coupon code Blog20 to receive 20% off your entire order!

Sparklehearts has generously offered one lucky Not-So-Blog reader their choice of one FREE product!!

How to enter:

1.  Visit Sparklehearts and let me know which product you would choose.

Additional entries: (please leave each entry as a separate comment)

1.  Visit Sparklehearts, click on the “About Us” page and tell me what is a “Skinemie?”

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