Think Thin Thursday

Party week is OVER! The balloons have been popped, the cake has been eaten, and the presents unwrapped. It is time to get serious again, ladies. In my spare time (ha ha!), I am a Dance Instructor and my studio has picture day in less than 3 weeks. This means, I must put on a costume and tights and actually take pictures…..of myself……in the costume…..alone…..yikes.

So, my goal for the week is to cut back on the fast food. I will take my lunch to work 3 days this week in order to cut down on the temptations.

Task of the Week: Go to the website of your favorite Fast Food restaurant and tell me a healthy alternative sold there. What do you order if you HAVE to eat out?

Did you accomplish your goals for the week? If so, please sign the Shrinky Linky below in order to be eligible for a chance to win 2 FREE boxes of Clorox Wipes!

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