Sweet or Unsweet?

Lily takes dance class one evening a week after which it has become routine to drive thru McDonalds for dinner.  Actually, just about her entire class follows suit and we all sit one behind the other in line.  Lily always gets a Happy Meal and I religiously get a sweet tea.  This tea is sweet enough to send you into a diabetic coma, but dang, it is GOOD!


After a LONG wait in line, we finally get our order and as they hand me bag, it falls to the cement.  I have to get out and reach under my car to retrieve it, so I am already annoyed.  Before driving off, I always check Lily’s bag for BBQ sauce, because you do not want to witness the meltdown that follows if there is no sauce in the bag when we get home.  Of course, no sauce.  While waiting for the cashier to return with the sauce (where did they have to go to get it, Canada?), I took a sip of my sweet tea.  BLECH.  It is OBVIOUSLY unsweet.

I tell the cashier that she gave me the wrong drink.  She says, “You ordered sweet tea.”  Why yes, yes I did….but this is UNSWEET.  She takes it from me and instead of just throwing it away……….

She takes a sip out of my cup!!!!

Is anyone else grossed out by this??  I was sitting there wondering if I should tell her that I coughed my head off all day and had a sore throat, but I decided she would figure it out in a few days.

Anyway, she agrees that she gave me unsweet and puts it down on the counter.  She makes a sweet tea and places it next to the unsweet tea I just returned (and she drank).  She gets distracted with a customer question and when she returns to hand me the drink, she can’t remember which one is the sweet tea!!  Normally, I would have been upset, but this was turning out to be quite funny.

It gets better.  She doesn’t know which tea is the sweet one, so she opens them BOTH and takes a sip!  OH.YES.SHE.DID.  At this point, I am almost daring her to hand me the cup she drank out of because a manager would have been called over at that point.  Fortunately, she realized what she was doing and fixed me a new sweet tea.


Afterthought:  Is anyone else disturbed at how many times I blog about McDonald’s?  I really need to eat healthier.


  1. That’s just gross, cause what was she gonna do if you were wrong and she had taken a taste of your drink to prove it to you? What did she think she could taste it and hand it back to ya? Just wrong.

  2. I am laughing my head off! I think I know that woman, or her sister works at my MacDonalds.
    My big issue is the toy.The toy in my box is never the toy from the sign or the tv commercial. My kids expect _____, and they get something else. There’s been crying. I’ve even spoken with the manager. I keep telling them to change the sign or put up a note if they don’t have the advertised toy; I can at least prepare everyone. Blank stare….

  3. You know, it’s funny, but at the same time, it’s not. That’s the caliber of people that work at the McD’s around here. I even drive a little out of my way to one because the “convenient” one has to slaughter the chickens for the kids’ nuggets the few times we’ve stopped. The one where I grocery shop can’t seem to get it through their heads that I have BOYS. Why did they start having different toys anyway? Why confuse those who work there and are already obviously confused?

  4. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    That is enough to make me never go back there – yummy sweet tea or not.

  5. LOL~ if you saw my kid interviews on my FB page you’d think I was a Mc-chicken nugget Mc-coffee and Mc-tea drinking lazy mom who laid in bed all day playing on the laptop … (semi pause)- but you know kids! :p

    Seriously though- as a public safety matter, it might be worth considering calling the store manager today and sharing what his employee done with your tea. The fact that she would have been willing to give you tea she drank from, would likely be enough for the health department to fine them a grand amount of money if not shut them down for a couple of days. That is BAD practice in the most raw kind of way (coming from a former McD mgr!!).

  6. Uhm… this is crazy!!! I thought she was going to hand you back a cup that she had already drank out of. Disgusting! Either way…. I’m sure her manager would not have been happy to see her process of elimination. Haha!

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  8. Okay, that may be the grossest thing I’ve ever heard… but I’m glad to know I’m not the only one visiting the Golden Arches drive thru!! LOL

  9. that is too much! I’d say I’d be scared to go back there in fear of what else she might do..but I know I’d be right back in th edrive thru the next week. Hate those practice night…no dishes!!!! =)

  10. Queen of the Click says:

    That is so gross. I wonder if she just wasn’t thinking. What if she thought it was Sweet Tea, would she have given it back to you and said it was? LOL.

  11. eeew! you just never know what you’ll experience, huh?
    my husband converted me into a McD-er after kid number three – it’s just too easy! We recently started going half & half – unsweet and sweet, it makes it less sugar-coma-ish.


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