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Last week, Aubrie turned one! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. And now, she has hit a major milestone in her life….she is walking! Watch out world! As a Mom, I want to protect her little feet and make sure they are developing properly.
Before the age of 2, your child’s foot grows very rapidly. It is important that you choose the right shoe for those first steps. Shoo Shoos, a company founded in 1996 which manufactures soft soled shoes, uses only 100% Nappa leather which allows proper development of your child’s foot, while the non-slip sole helps to stabilize unsure walkers. These shoes are even Pediatrician recommended!
Shoo Shoos was nice enough to send us a pair of their Pink Lace Flower Soft Soled Baby Shoes to try out. From the website:

19th century French Cornely embroidery – also known in the US as Bonnaz – each style is made by hand using this unique technique – the flower uses a beautiful pink and white Gingham ribbon. They are a fit for any occasion with non slip soles which mould to your toddlers’ feet.

The shoes arrived in an adorable plastic tote, perfect for gift giving! They are extremely cute and well made. I like the elasticized ankle which makes it very easy to slip on, but difficult for your infant to take off. The shoe was wider than I anticipated, but I know Aubrie will grow into them soon. These shoes will be perfect for Easter!

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  1. Those are adorable! I like that it won’t be so easy for baby to take shoes off – I have that problem with the regular shoes I bought. Thanks for the review!

    (By the way, is there somewhere I can contact you? I wanted to ask you about your design but couldn’t find any contact information on your blog)

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