Papi’s Picks: An Intro

**I’d like to welcome my good friend, Alfonso to The Not-So-Blog! **

Hi everyone! My name is Alfonso.

I’m a stay at home dad of beautiful identical twin girls – Maya and Sabina. I would like to thank Bridgette for giving me an opportunity to share with you my experiences and advice from a dad-of-multiples’ perspective. Hopefully, my little nook on this wonderful site can be another useful and fun resource for you.

I was born and raised in New Orleans, my parents having emigrated from Guatemala, and still live in the metro area. I studied Music Education at Loyola University, and worked, until recently, in the food service industry. In fact, I believe that managing a restaurant prepared me to stay at home with the girls. It’s important to be able to think quickly on your feet, have patience with those you supervise, and to be able to adapt to your clientèle’s changing tastes! There is always bulk food preparation, a big mess when mealtime is over, and plenty of cleaning up to do.


Of course, I never expected to be a stay at home dad, but, then again, life rarely gives you what you expect. The plan was for me to go part-time and have family help out with the baby. In fact, after two visits to the OB where we heard a healthy heartbeat, my wife and I decided to look for a home renovation contractor to upgrade our kitchen and baths before the baby came. We were tempting fate. The night before our first ultrasound, we finally settled on a contractor. The next day when we saw two little babies facing each other on the screen, we knew our whole lives had changed. I saw my wife cry and laugh at the same time. I just stood there looking at the screen with my mouth hanging open. The magical experience of an ultrasound can evoke profound emotional reactions. Upon seeing that we were having twins I was filled with surprise, joy, and fear . . . then a stream of thoughts: will our insurance cover the extra expenses; ok, we have to buy two car seats; hmmm . . .one or two cribs; what kind of stroller do we need; will I be able to work part-time? Uh-oh.


After considering the cost of child-care for twins, and since we could not possibly burden family sitters with two newborns, I was to become a stay at home dad of twins. My wife, thankfully, is a pediatrician, so I knew she had any major problems covered. The expectation of this new career was not unlike being hired for a job that you’re not quite sure you’re qualified for, but want desperately to succeed in. I subsequently got to work on preparing for my new terrifying, wonderful life.

My brother and I are Bert and Ernie about most things in life, but one thing we do have in common is the love of researching the heck out of any major purchase. I hope, in Papi’s picks, that I can share my knowledge of what works well (and not so well) from a guy’s/husband’s/father’s point of view. Thanks again to Bridgette, and I look forward to hearing from y’all!


  1. Christy aka The Write Gal says:

    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. I would love to have a Dad’s perspective. My husband rarely has an opinion (I hate that) and sometimes I am looking for the male point of view. Your daughters are so cute!

  2. Wow! Dude, you have to be doing plenty right-you’ve got two sleeping princesses on you there!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your picks. 🙂

  3. I would love to hear a dad’s point of view. Welcome Welcome!!

  4. What a fun introduction! I love how you compare raising kids to running a restaurant – so, so true! 🙂 Welcome to blogging, I think you’re going to fit in just fine!

  5. What an excellent intro. I love your writing style, it’s easy to read and full of personality. I look forward to reading your reviews and posts. What beautiful girls. I’d love to hear if a SAHDs day is similiar to a SAHMs day of you have found some tricks we haven’t. 🙂

  6. Yay for new faces! And you’ve got two beautiful little Princesses there 🙂

  7. Kori@hair4myprincess says:

    What a great post! It’s nice seeing things from a guy’s perspective. Adorable little girls, btw.

  8. Hi Alfonso! Welcome! Bridgette and I have been online friends for several years, but you and I share so much more in common than just her. I’m first generation American on my mom’s side too. She also emigrated from Guatemala in her early 20s, but I was born and raised in CA not LA. My husband and I currently live in CO where I also stay home with our children. PLUS, I have twin daughters too! Mine are 7.5 months old. I look forward to reading your posts!

  9. Gena @ Morris Bunch says:

    Welcome to Blogland! I have to give you big kudos! Most men couldn’t handle being a stay at home dad to one let alone 2 newborns!

  10. Welcome to blogging! I too am excited to see the stay at home world from a dad’s perspective. My husband rarely has an opinion on product purchases as well because he’s not the one who has to use them the most often.

  11. Welcome to blog world, what adorable girls! And my two sons are already worse than Bert & Ernie, great comparison, never thought of it!

  12. Nice to meet you! Your daughters are gorgeous and I can’t wait to read your future articles!

  13. Lisa-MomDot says:

    Welcome To the Other Side. LOl . I enjoyed reading your intro, you have a great writing style and it is exciting and I cant wait to read more ! Your babies are beautiful. Love your comparsion to your work that was awesome ! Loking forward to more .

  14. Hi Alfonso! What an awesome intro. I look forward to seeing your product reviews on The Not So Blog 🙂

  15. Your girls are precious! Glad to see some testosterone in our world!! Haha!

  16. PrettyFireFly says:

    Hey there!
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  17. What a great intro, love seeing SAHDs…something so sweet about the role reversal and seeing fathers spend more and more time with their children.

  18. mrs zeee says:

    Well done!

  19. Courtney says:

    Great site, adorable children!

  20. Wow! I salute you! I got to say that stay home moms and dads is the hardest job but rewarding! I look forward to reading your blogs.


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