Baking with Bridgette: Cupcake Balls

For those of you that know me, the title of this post is probably quite comical. It is well known that I do NOT belong in the kitchen. I am the girl who burns toast, ruins the slice and bake cookies and has trouble boiling water.

I decided it is about time to gain some confidence in the kitchen. With my girls getting older, I am sure I will be asked to send treats to school for birthdays or holiday parties, so I have to find MY specialty.  So, I am starting a series called “Baking with Bridgette” where I will be trying out recipes and learning my way around the kitchen.


I would LOVE to do some giveaways with this new feature! If you have a kitchen product you would like me to showcase, please send an email to notsoblog @ gmail dot com. I would love to try out some new kitchen gadgets as I vlog my experience to share with my readers.

Have an easy recipe you think I should try?  Send it in!  I am willing to take a look and see if I can attempt it.

This first episode is Cake Balls! I saw this recipe on Bakerella. Have you seen this site?? It is AMAZING! This lady is incredibly talented and every time I look at her blog, I get hungry! If you would like the exact recipe I show in this vlog, click here.   With no further ado….Baking With Bridgette: Cupcake Balls.  Try not to laugh.


  1. Miss Blondie says:

    Those look delicious Bridgette!! Great job! Great video!

  2. Those are SOOOO cute! I love them! I’m going to attempt these soon!

  3. Stephanie @ TimeSlidesBy says:

    They turned out pretty good. You went the easy way and skipped the dipping and putting them on sticks. I so need to go to boot camp with Bakerella.

    Here is my attempt at cake pops –

  4. I did dip them in melted chocolate, but did not do the sticks because they were going to my daughter’s daycare.

  5. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    I think you did a great job! I would even eat one of those. I may have to give this a try.

  6. That is awesome! I may have to try to make that. I am making something for the boys birthdays and I don’t bake or cook much. Hubby is the cook here too.

  7. You did great. Very Cute!!

  8. Karen of Sillymonkeez says:

    Those look beautiful!! You did an awesome job. That looked so easy that I might be able to do it.

  9. i lol’d that you bought a sheet cake, i was waiting for you to pull out the eggs, flour, cocoa etc. lol they look so yummy- im going to make those soon!
    Its nice that your hubby cooks, dont learn too much or else hubby may step down from the kitchen! lol

  10. Lisa-MomDot says:

    those are awesome ! Those would make a great addition for a childs birthday party or school party they are small and Im sure less messy !
    Im actually going to give them a try since I have my birthday run coming up here !

    I think you did a great job and I cant wait for the next one to baking show !

  11. They look great! Good job, B! I think I may try making these. Very similar to the Oreo Balls I’ve made in the past. Can’t wait to see the next adventure!!

  12. Ooh you have me craving cupcakes now 🙂 Those turned out great. I’m totally going to try that! I love Bakerella. She makes it all look so easy and so good!

  13. Remind me to send you the Oreo Truffle recipe. Another super easy one that makes you look like an expert! But then again maybe we should teach you to cook more than just desserts, huh?

  14. Wow! Those look great and yummy! Go B!

  15. Those actually look really YUM! Good job, Bridgette!! Loved the video.

  16. Looks yummy! I found your link on Mom Dot. I hope you have a great day!


  17. Good job, B!! 😉

  18. deameheniaHal says:

    It’s really well done! Respect to author.


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