Think Thin Thursdays

It’s Thursday! Are you Thinking Thin?

Let me just get this out of the way: My lack of motivation has continued. I am not even willing to step on the scale this week because honestly, I don’t think it’s good for me today. If it’s gone up, I may just give up and that is not what I want to do. So, please forgive me, but I am skipping the weigh in this week.

I hope you guys have some motivating stories for me this week! Tell me how great you have done and why I should get out of my funk and get with the program! Don’t forget to blog about your success (or obstacles) and include your goals for the upcoming week. If you met your goal for THIS week, please sign the Shrinky Linky so we can all give you a virtual “pat on the back!”

Because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I know it will be hard not to over-indulge on the sweets. My friend, April over at Just Typical Life shared these links with me today and I thought they both looked like fabulous ideas for Valentine’s desserts!

The first link comes from Hungry Girl who has a great way to make a low calorie Chocolate Lava Cake!

And if you aren’t in the mood for baking, try these (almost ready to eat) Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis. They are only 150 calories!

Your task for this week:
Share your favorite low calorie dessert! What should I be looking for at the grocery store?

My favorite are the Skinny Cow ice cream cones! The little morsel of chocolate at the bottom is worth the wait!

Good Luck this week, ladies! I promise to get back on the bandwagon!

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  1. Don’t get down on yourself Bridgette! You can do it! Just start today fresh:0)

  2. Don’t give up! That was last week and this week is brand new:)

    We will both start new. You will get back on the bandwagon and I will get on that treadmill!:)

    We all can do it!!

  3. I was there just a couple weeks ago, no motivation! Hang in there! Don’t give up!

    My hubby has started exercising with me. This is BIG because he has gained weight since we have been married and has never wanted to do anything about it until now. If he can do it, YOU can too!

  4. Don’t worry about it Bridgette! You’ve been doing great, we all deserve a break now and then. Plus you have to look at it as a lifestyle, you fall you just get back up and keep going!

  5. You’ll get back on top of it this week! Its a new day!!

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