The Ark Adventure: Get involved!

Victoria over at Life Starring Ellie and Eve has come up with a great way for bloggers to get involved and do their part for a great cause.

So, what exactly is an Ark?

“The Heifer Gift Ark offers hope worldwide to families who are poor and hungry. We’ll help families start on a journey to fulfill a seemingly impossible dream – to secure food and a source of dependable income.

Each family who receives livestock will pass on one or more of the animal’s offspring to other families who are in need in their community. Every gift will multiply for years to come.
Imagine how our gift could change the world. Two cows bring milk and income to a Russian village. Two sheep help families in Arizona produce wool. Two camels help families in Tanzania earn income by transporting agricultural and industrial materials. Two oxen pull plows and carts in Uganda. Two water buffalo help Cambodian families increase rice production through animal draft power. And that’s just the first five sets of animals … our ark provides 15 pairs of animals to change lives.”
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Victoria set up the site, The Ark Adventure, and is asking bloggers to get involved through giveaways on their own site. When you are hosting a giveaway, ask your participants to donate to The Ark Adventure in order to receive an extra entry to your giveaway. That’s it!

Want another way to get involved? Promote giveaways that are participating in The Ark Adventure! Or how about grabbing the button and placing it on your sidebar? Or maybe just donate to the cause! A PayPal account has been set up on The Ark Adventure site as well as a Federal Charitable Tax ID number.

Help stop starvation with a $1 donation!

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  1. FickleMinded says:

    thanks for this post, i’m checking the website to send my donation.

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