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I am a Mom of 2 that works full time outside the home as a Lab Technician. I’ll admit, I eat out for lunch more than I should. But, it’s so easy to give in to the awesome food (hey, I live in New Orleans) around my office when I see my pitiful looking sandwhich in a boring, ugly brown bag. Can you relate?

Then, you have GOT to check out the lunch bags at Spring Los Angeles. This company offers you an alternative to the boring brown bag with bold colors and modern designs. The totes come in 5 fun designs and 2 sizes (medium and large).

These totes are not only cute, they are fully insulated, too! Here’s some of the technical stuff from the website:

The secret to out superior temperature retention is a multi-layer insulation consisting of a thick, polyethylene foam layered between an outer fabric layer, a water-proof and leak-resistant lining, and a material backing. Together, these four layers create a maximum insulation to keep hot items hot and cold items cool.

Spring Los Angeles was nice enough to send me a Large Berry Bliss tote to review! My first impression was that it was super cute! It definitely looks more like a purse than a cooler. This would be perfect to sneak drinks into a theater because no one would suspect it’s actual purpose (I didn’t say that…ssshhhh)!

I love the size of the Large tote. It’s not too big to be bulky when carrying it, but the tote easily fit a water bottle standing up and a full size frozen entree with PLENTY of room to spare. I also love all of the organizational pockets and compartments (yes, these things rock my socks! LOL!). And did you know that the exterior is made of recycled canvas?!?

I would highly recommend Spring Los Angeles for stylish, affordable and functional lunch totes that are not only great for work, but for picnics and trips to the beach, too!

This review is courtesy of the MomDot Review Team.

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  1. Super cute! I would so buy one…

  2. Those are great! If I go back to work after this recovery is over I’ll have to get one of those. 🙂 Much cuter than the plastic grocery sacks I was lugging around.

  3. I love those! Very cute!

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