Eye Infections are more painful than Childbirth

I am so sorry for missing Wordless Wednesday, Think Thin Thursday and a few Mardi Gras Mambo posts. Somehow, I managed to get a bacterial infection in BOTH eyes. My eyes have been swollen shut for 2 days (and no matter how dedicated you are to your blog, you REALLY need your eyes in order to post!). I can finally see a little out of my right eye, but the left is still pretty painful. I hope to get back to blogging as soon as possible. So Sorry!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your eyes! We did miss you and hope your eyes feel better soon.

  2. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    Gosh Bridgette, that sounds awful. I’m glad things are clearing up.

  3. Christine @ Live Laugh Love says:

    I am so sorry. It all sounds terribly painful.
    I hope that you recover quickly and are feeling bettter, and seeing clearly soon!

    Take good care of you!

  4. i know how that can feel and well some thing i was told by the eye dr as well as my children’s dr that well johnson’s and johnson’s baby shampoo or even the baby bath head to toe stuff will also help with geting that stuff to be gone also a warm tea bag works too. but i more so love to use the baby shampoo and bath stuff and well it does work and i hope you get better

  5. Why are YOU sorry?? NO NO NO!!! I’m a nurse! Make sure you change your pillow case each morning, wash your hands VERY frequently! Change your towels and wash cloths daily and do NOT go from eye to eye with the wash cloth. Also wash from inner to outer on your eye. Make sure each family member has their own towels. (WASH in HOT WATER!) THROW OUT YOUR MASCARA (ain’t this a KILLER!) it is contaminated. Wait until your eyes are fully free of infection and buy a new one! Then change every 3 months!
    Hope this helps, although the Dr. probably already told you!
    Feel Better Honey!!!

  6. I am so sorry for your eye infections. I have had them and they are NO fun!

    Now, I will have to (playfully) disagree with you. Natural childbirth felt like it was going to kill me; eye infections hurt, but I didn’t feel like the pain would do me in. LOL

  7. Courtney-Gift Mommy says:

    Hope you get better soon!

  8. gahome2mom says:

    Thinking of you… praying you get well soon. 🙂

  9. Oh how awful! And to be sick but not be able to lay around & watch movies, or read books. I would be going crazy! Hope you're better soon!

  10. oh no! I found you through, “Did I just say that???”

    Your blog is REALLY pretty. Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Ouch, B! I hope it goes away quickly!

  12. My goodness B! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  13. Jenni Jiggety says:

    Oh no! I hope they are both all cleared up soon!!

  14. Oh gosh! I had a bacterial infection in my right eye a few years ago and so feel your pain! I was in college, 2 hours away from home, and my mom had to drive up to get me and take me to the DR because I couldn’t open my eye and any light was SO freakin painful!! I hope you get better soon.

  15. That is no fun at all! I hope you are feeling and seeing better soon;0)

  16. So sorry about the infection.. and what a doll you are for apologizing to us! Take care of you the best that you can. Good wishes going your way.

  17. The Downtown Boutique says:

    Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you have an eye infection in both eyes. How miserable you must feel! I’m praying that you will recover quickly.

  18. Bloggymommy says:

    I hope you feel better soon! Eye infections suck!

  19. OMGooooodness!
    That’s terrible!
    I hope you get your eyes back soon!

  20. Shelley K. says:

    Eye pain is TRULY painful. Until one has experienced it, one can’t even IMAGINE how really horendous it is. I don’t know if it it because of all of the nerve endings there?? or what…but it REALLY hurts.

    I hope that you are beginning to feel better as you read this post as lots of prayers and good thoughts are coming at ya…

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