Think Thin Thursdays

Welcome to all the new participants of Think Thin Thursdays (I know it’s only Wednesday, but I wanted y’all to have time to do your posts for tomorrow)! I am so excited to have you on board!

So……how did you do this week? The biggest challenge for me this week was the dreaded King Cake! It’s officially Mardi Gras season here in New Orleans and the sugary bits of goodness are EVERYWHERE. It took everything in me to turn away from the wall of King Cakes (which were obviously calling my name) at the grocery store, but I did it!

If you are new to this game, here are a few things you should know:

1. Every week I post a picture of myself standing on a scale. You guys are like my own personal Weight Watchers meeting (without the $13 fee). I use the picture as a way to keep me accountable. I do NOT expect you to post a picture of your scale or ever reveal your own weight! Find a way to make this game work for you, in your OWN way.

2. Each Thursday, blog about the goal you hope to accomplish that week. For example, it can be to lose 2 pounds, or drink 8 glasses of water, or get to the gym 3 times a week. Try to make it specific and attainable.

3. In addition to blogging about your goal, I will have a specific task for you to complete.

4. Next Thursday, IF YOU ACHIEVED YOUR GOAL, come back here and sign the Mr. Linky (affectionately called the “Shrinky Linky”). By signing the Shrinky Linky, you become entered in a drawing for a reward! Not every week will have a reward, so stay on your toes! You don’t want to miss a week and miss out on a fabulous prize!

5. Make sure the Think Thin Thursdays button (on my right sidebar) is on YOUR sidebar, too! If you win a prize and the button isn’t there, you forfeit!

6. Try to be supportive of the other participants! Visit their blogs and pass on some comment love!

Any questions?? Ready? Let’s go!!

This week, my goal is to drink one bottle of water a day. I have been seriously slacking in that department, so even one bottle of water a day would be an improvement!

Here’s my picture of the week. I am officially down 6 pounds since starting Think Thin Thursdays, but up 1.2 pounds from last week. But, if you recall, I had the stomach flu, so I totally expected that weight to come back. Only 2 pounds to go till I reach pre-pregnancy weight and 5 pounds to go to reach my first goal.

Your Task for the week:

Visit 2 other Think Thin Thursday participants and leave them some encouraging words on their blogs!

Good Luck, everyone!! Come back next week to sign the Shrinky Linky if you have achieved your goal. There may just be a prize involved *cough awesome snacks cough*!!

Sign this Shrinky Linky if you are participating this week!

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  1. way to go!!!

  2. The Southern Housewife says:

    Alright girl, I’m doing this with ya!!! I don’t know if I’m going to show the weight on the scale, but we’ll see. I went to the doc today and lost almost 2 lbs over the holiday which was better than I was expecting but not good since I’ve been dieting since July and have lost exactly 40 lbs and I want to keep it going! So you got a follower in me. I saved your button and I’m fixing to tack it up on my sidelines! See you skinny minnies tomorrow!
    – The Southern Housewife

  3. sweetytots says:

    thanks for the comment Bridgette.. i too will drink those precious water a lot..

  4. GritsGirl says:

    I think would like to join your think thin thursdays.Do I need to post it some where else on your blog? Im new to bloggin so I dont know how to add your button to my blog. One of my goals for the new year is to get in better shape. I have gained lots of weight over the past couple of years mostly due to PCOS (which causes insulin resistance) Im still learning about PCOS and how it affects my body. I know that the likelyhood of me having kids is extrememly small but losing weight increases that chance every so slightly. Anyways I guess i will post the rest of my story on my blog tommorow.

  5. I am so excited about this. I found your blog tonight and I am so in! I don’t know if I am ready to post my weight but I am ready to start to work on this!
    See you on Thursdays!

  6. Great job! I am too chiccken to post my weight, but I did put a ticker up with the amount I want to lose:)

  7. NJDecorator says:

    I am posted for this week – come visit and see how I did!
    Oh how I wish I could have said I was sick…lol

  8. I stuck to my goal!! My post is up and I had a bonus week….(at bottom of my post)!

    I forgot to write my new goal so I’m going to do that now!

  9. Good job!

    Are we supposed to have a mr. linky for this week. I can’t see him. Or is that not necessarily an every week thing.

    I posted about my goals reached for this week and nexts week goals.

  10. The Southern Housewife says:

    Ok, I’m a bit confused. Do we sign up for a linky? Are we supposed to post on wednesday or thursday? I can’t find any place to sign mr. linky. help! 🙂

  11. The Southern Housewife says:

    Since I can’t find mr linky, here’s my post for this thursday!

  12. You are doing so great! I’m sure it’s tough with all the temptations, but you sound like you’re staying on track! Good luck this week!

  13. omg.. your doing great! id like to join in on the Think Thin Thursdays! i didnt start today off good tho. 🙁
    my weight will be mesured by the wii Fit. thanks

  14. Christy at A Fitness Journey says:

    I’m joining Think Thin Thursdays!! I’m a little confused about how we visit each others TTT posts if they are listed, LOL! Is there suppose to be a Mr Linky for each week where we share our TTT posts, or is there just one if you did the past week’s task? Either way, I’m not seeing a Mr Linky anywhere, LOL!

    I posted here:

    Christy at A Fitness Journey

  15. Yay! My first Think Think Thursday post is up!! Good luck everyone!

  16. Hey, I hope it is not too late to hop on the bandwagon. I started the new year off going to WW and I the link to Think Thin Thursdays on another blog.

    I’ll tell ya, I wish I weighed 120 thats for sure!!!!

    P.S. No pics of the scale for me but maybe someday when I’m closer to goal!

  17. Stephanie says:

    Well I'm in, my post is up & I'm out commenting. I've got the stomach flu so I JUST got it up…but at least it's still Thursday!

  18. Una Mexicana says:

    I’m also in. This is a great motivational tool to help me get my butt in gear and lose weight. Thanks!

  19. The Bush Family says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words!!! 🙂

  20. tamlovesran says:

    I’ve weighed in and posted an entry on my blog. Thanks for hosting. You’re doing great with your weight.


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