Think Thin Thursdays: Sign up!

If your New Year’s Resolution includes losing weight, getting fit or leading a more healthy lifestyle, Think Thin Thursdays is for you! I am looking for new participants to build a community of people working together for a common goal. Losing weight or getting healthy is so much easier when you have a support system and accountability.

First, sign the Mr. Linky letting me know that you plan on joining in the fun! Second, grab a Think Thin Thursday button (it’s over there on the right) and place it on your sidebar. Create a post letting your readers know what your specific goals are for the week (it does NOT have to be weight loss) and complete the weekly task you find here on my blog. During the week, work hard to achieve your goals. Next Thursday, visit the Think Thin Thursday post and sign the “Shrinky Linky” if you achieved the goal you set for yourself. Feel free to visit other participants and congratulate them on their successes! There might even be prizes awarded to one participant who signs the Shrinky Linky!

This week’s task:
1. What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Looking forward to hearing about your success next week! Please don’t forget to sign the Mr. Linky right now and let me know that you intend to play this week!


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  1. I’m gonna try this again!

  2. I’m really excited to start this year off with a new heathier outlook. Thanks!

  3. sweetytots says:

    I signed before but failed, but this year I’ll d my best to keep track on my weight loss program.. I already included your think thin thursday logo on my side bar over at I will paste the link about my post on my next comment..

    count me in!

  4. Im all in! Im going to lose 50lbs this year!

  5. sweetytots says:
  6. janetfaye says:

    I am happy to be participating!

    Thank you!

  7. I am there!! I think I got everything posted!! Cant’t wait!!

  8. THis is a great motivator for us obsessive bloggers 🙂 I will be participating!

  9. I’m gonna give it a whirl!! And the whole family is getting on the healthy train with me!!

  10. Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries says:

    Thanks for dragging me back Bridgette. My scale is creeping back up and I don’t like it!

  11. The Bush Family says:

    I’m so excited to do this! I need all the motivation and support I can get!! My resolution for this week is to cut out all JUNK food! As soon as I finish the chicken nuggets that are in the oven..hehe 🙂

  12. I started a new blog just to keep myself on track and hopefully encourage others! I want to lose 10 more pounds, I’m setting two five pound goals to keep myself on track. Posted your button at Just Typical Life

  13. Alicia Payton says:

    Hopefully us ladies could help each other out. Its always nice to have a great support team, and friends to help you out along the way. This is my first time trying this, so hope this helps and keeps me motivated.

  14. My whole focus for this year is become a healthier person.

  15. I’ve slacked during our holiday vacation, but starting today I’m getting back on track! Thanks for doing this….I find reporting to be very motivating.

  16. Hi! Coming over from Lori’s blog @ Mommy’s Take on Things! I’ve been looking for a great group like this. I am excited to get started!

    And finally READY!

  17. NJDecorator says:

    I’m in…

  18. I found you thru Sandy’s blog. I am giving weight loss another try.

  19. I’m in….
    I’m in…..,
    so excited…
    coz i wanna lost 30lbs!!

  20. I’m in of course, just late, as I’ve been the last few times. Maybe my resolution should be to post things on time! I’m excited to see so many other ladies joining in. Hope things are going well for you, Bridgette!

  21. Stephanie says:

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