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Yep, it’s Thursday! Time to Think Thin!
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Why is it that when I get so close to a goal, I sabotage my efforts? I cut myself a little slack, which turns into a LOT of slack, which turns into swimming in a giant pit of McDonald’s french fries. Ugh.

Here’s the ugly truth….don’t look directly at the scale, or maybe if your squint it will change the numbers somehow….

I gained 1.8 pounds. What is wrong with me?!? I knew it would be bad because this week was insanely busy and I didn’t follow the diet AT ALL. So, I need some motivation. HELP! Somebody give me a “virtual” kick in the pants!

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This weeks task: What is YOUR motivation? Is it a pair of skinny jeans, a sexy black dress, a bathing suit, or simply being there for your kids? Blog about what keeps you motivated or better yet, show us a picture!

Did you meet your goals this week? Sign the Shrinky Linky! I am working hard to secure some prizes for the upcoming weeks, so you don’t want to miss out!

Good Luck this week!!
Till Thursday……..

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  1. Don’t feel bad Bridgette, it’s very hard to stay on task, especially when you are so close to your ideal weight. Just remember that it all averages out in the end so just keep going and you’ll get there!

    Here’s my post for the week!

  2. There is nothing wrong with you:) It just happens. We are allowed to make mistakes. Don’t let it beat you up. Remember you are close to your goal!

    Good luck next week!

  3. *raising hand*
    Me! Me! I had a bad week too! Stinks…doesn’t it?!

    A new week. We can do it!

    I’m bummed that I don’t get to sign linky link. I didn’t stick to my goal at all. Bummer. But congrats to all that did! Way To Go!!

  4. Oh Bridgette don’t get too bummed about it. Its hard to get to a weight and stick right on it forever! You get there! Just think, if you gained it in a week, you can lose it in a week! Happy Thursday!

  5. Hey Bridgette,
    Are we only supposed to sign the linky if we make our goal? I keep signing it, even though I only met 1/2 my goal….but I want you guys to know I’m still trucking. Let me know if I shouldn’t be signing in, ok? Thanks!

  6. Here’s your virtual kick in the butt! No more McD’s fries! Although they are about irrisistable, aren’t they? Man, just thinking about the hot, crispy, salty, yummy fries is making me hungry! Grrr…

    So hey, don’t beat yourself up over it. I didn’t sign Mr. Linky cause I missed my goal by one pound. Makes me want to strive harder for next week. That or set a more realistic goal. Hmmm…

    You can do it!

  7. Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries says:

    Oh Bridgette that is the story of my diet/weight loss life. Always something going on to distract me. The new thing is that it is busy season and we have to order in every darn day. Well this year I’m not going to and I’ve been bringing my lunch some days and now I’ll be bringing lunch and dinner so I’m not eating at 10pm when I get home.

    Good luck this upcoming week. One bad week won’t mess you up long term.

  8. I had a rough week too…. lots of munching and not enough excercising. I am going to go ahead and blame it on PMS lol. Oddly enough, I did manage to lose a bit… .3 or something like that. Not really much, but still a losss, I guess!

  9. Bridgette….I’ll give you your motivation kick, but don’t be too hard on yourself. I think our weight always fluctuates some and that isn’t much. You’ll keep making progress….just stick to it.

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