Shabby Apple: Picture Princess Search

I have noticed lately that most outfits and dresses in the stores require some level of layering. Too low cut? Add a cardigan! Too sheer? Add a cami! Shirt too short? Add a layering tee! Honestly, can’t we have an outfit that can just be worn ALONE? It really increases the cost of an outfit if I have to purchase additional items to make the style “work” for me.

I was more than happy to be introduced to the clothing boutique, Shabby Apple! Their motto immediately caught my eye:

A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit.

Perfect! Looking around the website, I found a ton of great women’s clothing like this dress! And I just love this little girls outfit!

Right now, Shappy Apple is looking for a new Picture Princess to grace the pages of their catalog! You just need to post 3 pictures of your little girl, ages 0-8 years. So, here are my little ones:

Lily, age 4


Aubrie, age 11 months




I think little girls would look great in just about any girls dress from Shabby Baby, but I would most like to see Lily in this dress and Aubrie in this one.

Both girls would make excellent Picture Princesses because, as you can tell from the above pictures, neither are shy in front of the camera. And as their Mother, I can totally vouch for the fact that both Lily and Aubrie are Princesses! LOL! Lily takes direction well and absolutely LOVES to have her picture taken. She has also become quite the photographer in her 4 years of life! Aubrie automatically smiles when she sees a camera (I think we may have take one too many pictures of her! LOL!).

They would both love the experience of being Shappy Apple’s next Picture “Sister” Princesses!

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  1. What gorgeous dresses. I wish I could enter my daughter. Your girls are just devine.

  2. Bee and Rose says:

    Your little princesses are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the Shabby Apple! I just get so frustrated with the lack of decent, stylish clothing that doesn’t require a multiple purchase just to wear a top!

    I am heading off to shop right now!

  3. Wow!! They are beautiful! I hope they win! Seriously, you have an adorable family! Good luck!

  4. Oh my goodness, such cutie patooties. The dresses are adorable! Well now I want to have a little girl I dont think my twin boys would appreciate dresses LOL! So cute!

  5. Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous!! What little beauties. You must be such a proud mamma..
    Thanks for such a nice time here
    waving from cold,snowy,Southern Ontario, Canada

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