Princess Bride Game: Review

Now that Lily is just about to turn 4, she has become quite computer savvy! I am very impressed with how well she does moving the mouse and typing on the keyboard (I think she is very proud of herself because she wants to do “her work” on the computer all day long….maybe SHE should have a blog….hhhmmmm…..).

I knew Lily would be more than excited to help me review the new PC game (rated E for Everyone), the Princess Bride Game. This game was rated one of Parenting Magazine’s Top 8 PC Games for your Kids!
From the magazine:
The entire family can once again experience the magic of the classic fantasy film through this officially licensed PC game tie-in. The Princess Bride Game features varied scenarios that require gamers to help Princess Buttercup and Westley manage life on the farm, concoct miracle remedies, and vanquish the evil prince in order to live happily ever. The game features voices from the film’s original cast members.

Lily got a big kick out of the animation before each game. She really enjoyed playing the “As you Wish” game where she got to water a garden and bring carrots to Princess Buttercup! A few of the games were over her head (such as the Battle of Wits section which hosts a series of trivia questions), but Lily enjoyed watching as I played that round.

All in all, I thought it was a fun game and we will be playing it together again soon! You can purchase the game at or Best Buy!
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