Happy 4th Birthday, Lily!

At midnight tonight, I went into labor and just 17 short (yeah, right) hours later, Lily came into the world and changed our lives forever. I just can’t believe it’s already been 4 years! It makes me worry how fast the next 4 years will go!

I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite pictures from the last 4 years! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Lily-Pie!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Lily!

    Don’t blink. The next 4 are going to go by just as fast.

  2. Bee and Rose says:

    Happy Birthday to Lily! Adorable slide show!

    My wee girl just turned 6 on Tuesday the 27th! Her name is Catherine. We actually were going to name her Catherine Lily! We ended up using middle names (yes, she has 2!) chosen by my son. (I still love the name Lily though..maybe I’ll go change up the birth certificate when no one’s looking..hee hee!)

  3. Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!!!

  4. Happy 4th Birthday Lily… I hope you have a wonderful day. I can’t belive you children are turning 4 this year

  5. How beautiful! My son recently turned six and when I look at pictures of him as a baby I cry without fail. Happy Birthday Lily!

  6. What a doll! My oldest just turned 5…went by too fast!

  7. Miss Blondie says:

    Aww, Happy Birthday Lily!!!

  8. shopannies says:

    just wanted to say happy birthday to your little one I agree with you time does pass super quick so take advantage of all the time in the world that you have with her

  9. mom2anutball says:

    Happy Birthday to Lily!!
    It does go so fast, my daughter just tunred four this year also. Before we know it they will be in high school! Yikes!!
    Cute pictures!!

  10. lfhpueblo says:

    Congrats Lily on being four, enjoy your special day, and know that you are loved, because your mother writes so lovingly about you. I named my little girl dog Lili (different spelling from your name), because I love the name. Your name sure fits with your photograph, you are precious like a beautiful blooming flower. Grow up great, with birthday blessings from this blogger.

  11. KV Creative Designs says:

    Happy Birthday Lily!

  12. Happy Birthday to Lily! What a beautiful little girl!

  13. Happy Birthday Lily!

    Beautiful little girl, lucky mommy, wonderful slide show!

  14. Happy Birthday Lily and you are right…the next 4 years will pass so quickly. My “baby” is now 8 and I find it so hard to believe….I just can’t believe it.

  15. Happy Birthday Lily!!!

  16. Happy Birthday Lily!

  17. Happy Birthday Lily. My son turned 11 on 1/30/09, the years are going fast!!!

  18. What a great slideshow!

    My own Lily turned one yesterday!!

  19. happy Happy Birthday to you!

  20. WOW, she is so beautiful! She has the prettiest eyes and hair I have ever seen!

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