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I am so excited to share with you all a new and exciting project that I am honored to be a part of called “Bloggers Give!” Created by Trisha from MomDot, with the help of several other bloggers, have come up with a wonderful way for the blogging community to give back and make a difference.Every time your blog hosts a review or giveaway, ask the company to donate an extra item to Bloggers Give. All donated items will be given to a very worthy charity, The Center for Courageous Kids.

A little about the charity:

We are a unique Medical Camping Facility where children battling the most serious illnesses can attend, free of charge. We run two types of programs. In the summer, the ill child (ages 7-15) attends a week long session with other children suffering from the same illness. During the school year, we hold family weekends wherein the child attends with his/her family. It is a fabulous opportunity for the ill child to come out of the shadows of their everyday lives and step into the spotlight with other children coping with the same challenges.

You can help to mend the scars of serious illness that no one else can see by giving these very brave children self-confidence, friends and magical memories.

What a great opportunity for all of us to work together to really make a difference in the life of a child! Want to learn more? Visit Bloggers Give!

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