Decorating Trends for Your Nursery

I would like to welcome Suzanne, an expert from CSN Baby to The Not-So-Blog! This is my very first Feature Writer! Hope you enjoy her article!

Preparing a nursery for your new baby’s arrival is one of the most exciting things to take part in but the task can prove to be a little overwhelming with the abundance of paint colors, wall decals, and bedding options. With all of the choices in the growing nursery market today, how do you find style that fits you, your baby, and the current baby décor trends in one swoop? After all of the difficult choices about cribs, changing tables, rockers, and other baby furniture have been made, now’s the time for the fun part! Let’s take a look at the current baby décor options hitting the market today and see how we can incorporate our own personal touch in our newborn’s room.
One of the most important factors to consider when decorating your baby’s nursery is color as this provides visual stimulation during your child’s development. While pastels and soft, cool colors have always been in style for crib bedding and nursery accessories, a growing trend for 2009 is a more modern approach that creates a fresh, updated look. Modern nurseries incorporate furniture with clean, simple lines and décor that includes a contrast of bold colors and unique patterns that can be mixed in a variety of different ways. Instead of committing to one bright wall color, give yourself a little more creative freedom by hanging vibrant wall décor over neutral colored walls. Name Your Design has a wonderful collection of canvas nursery wall art where you can choose an adorable modern decal and customize the surface with your child’s name.
Another nursery décor trend that has become more and more popular this year is the use of wall decals. These beautiful nursery additions can be as small or as large as you wish depending on the space you’re working with. Wall Candy Arts features fun animal shapes and modern decal patterns that are as easy to remove as they are to stick onto the wall. If you’re interested in something more permanent, Tatouage Designs gives you the opportunity to become your own artist with their intricate rub-on artwork. After rubbing on and peeling the sheet away, your finished product will look as if you painted the nursery mural yourself! Adding your own personal touch to your child’s room is always a great option and can prove to be a lot easier than many of us think. Visit your local craft store to check out their selection of wood letters to add a monogram to your children’s wall or spell out their name in full. This adorable DIY décor idea would look perfect on the wall or resting on top of a small mantle. Simply sand down the wood, paint each letter the color of your choice, and decorate with a modern pattern.

Thanks so much, Suzanne, for those wonderful tips!

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