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The picture below is a very good reason why you should NEVER let Lily do your makeup. She likes glitter….and a lot of it! The more sparkly, the better. I mean, really, can you EVER have TOO MUCH glitter?!?

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My little princess loves everything girly: dresses, makeup, lip gloss, high heels and lotion! She loves it ALL! Lily would love this next giveaway from Petit! They have generously offered one lucky party-goer the Petit Amour Shampoo and Conditioner!

Petit offers lush, top quality products for babies, toddlers and tweens. The Petit range includes PETIT ENFANT for newborns and toddlers, PETIT AMOUR for girls and PETIT PRINCE for boys. The products are soap-free, pH neutral that are enriched with natural ingredients, nourishing vegetable oils and plant extracts – now, even the littlest members of your family can experience luxury, decadence and quality!

Want to open this gift? We are giving you DOUBLE your chances to win! Follow the entry guidelines here and then enter AGAIN at MomDot! We will combine the entries and pull one winner!
How to enter:
1. Visit Petit and tell us which product is your favorite!

Additional entries:
1. No party is complete without the Happy Birthday Song! Post a video of you and/or your kids singing Happy Birthday to Lily and Charlotte! This gets you 5 additional entries on EACH BLOG for EVERY Birthday Bash contest this week!

2. Follow my blog.

3. Blog about the Birthday Bash and include the button in your sidebar!

4. Favorite me in Technorati!

5. Follow me on Twitter (BridgetteLA) or tweet about this giveaway!

Contest end at 11:59pmCST on January 16. Prizes not claimed in 72 hours will be forfeited. Open to U.S. Residents only.

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  1. Gift Set No. 1 – Petit Enfant looks nice!

  2. gahome2mom says:

    Everthing a Petit is lovely. I think the Petit Enfant Mini Gift Set would make a nice
    gift for a special lil’ girl. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

    gahome2mom (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. gahome2mom says:


    gahome2mom (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. gahome2mom says:
  5. I like the Cologne (Wooden Gift Box) – Petit Amour.

  6. I am a devout follower. 🙂

  7. I like the body spray..petit armour.

  8. I follow.

  9. I like the Shampoo (Kids) – Petit Enfant.

  10. judybrittle says:

    I really like the Nourishing Conditioner – Petit Amour. Its out of stock so it must be good. Thank you!

  11. the Petit Enfant gift set is what I would pick for my little princess

  12. Petit Amour nourishing conditioner looks fabulous!

    ajcmeyer AT go DOT com

  13. beautiful shop.
    i like the Shampoo / Body Wash (0 – 1 yr) – Petit Enfant

  14. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    I think we’d like the Shampoo from the Petit Enfant line.
    cat at 3kidsandus dot com

  15. I like the petit amour gift set.

  16. valerie2350 says:

    the petit amour nourishing shampoo and conditioner sound great!

  17. valerie2350 says:

    blog follower

  18. The Petit Amour Gift Set is perfect for any little girl (girly girl or not!).

  19. Shari & Andrew says:

    I like the petit enfant baby oil–our baby loves massages

  20. Shari & Andrew says:

    I follow you

  21. Anonymous says:

    I would like to try the petit enfant glycerin soap.

  22. mom2anutball says:

    I like the gift sets, namely the Petit Amour “Hadas” Gift Set!

  23. I would love to try the Shampoo / Body Wash – Petit Prince. It’s so cool they make stuff for boys!

  24. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    The Moisturizing Massage Gel would be wonderful for my little grandson. Thank you for this giveaway!

  25. I like the
    Petit Amour “Hadas” Gift Set, thank you.

  26. Anonymous says:

    this looks great
    Cologne – Petit Amour
    KawaiiNeko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

  27. Roseann K. says:

    Nourishing Conditioner – Petit Amour

  28. I liked the petit prince line. i am sure my grandson would like it.

  29. I would love to try the Petit Amour “Hadas” Body Spray / Deodorant.


  30. susan1215 says:

    I like the petit amour gift set.

  31. the nourishing conditioner

  32. I’d try the Shampoo / Body Wash

  33. Cologne – Petit Amour for my grandaughter,thanks


  34. I like the Nourishing Shampoo. I thought all shampoos contained soap…this one doesnt. The bottle is also pretty.

  35. I am an email subscriber

  36. Anonymous says:

    I'd like to try the Petit Prince Shampoo & Body Wash for my son.
    Thanks. Charlotte

  37. My favorite is Gift Set No.10 – Petit Enfant

  38. Follower

  39. Your site Button is on my sidebar here

  40. I LOVE the pic of the birthday girl with the frosting smeared on her face. Gotta LOVE a girl who already knows how ENJOY her cake!! LOL!!

    Anyway, my fave item was teh Petit Enfant Gift Set. No. 15. This would make a great shower gift.

    Thanks for a great review and giveaway.

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  41. Follower Blog

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  42. Cologne (Cylinder) – Petit Amour looks good to me.

  43. shopannies says:

    gift set #1 for the little ones

  44. Rebecca Graham says:

    I like the Petit Amour products. I would like to try the non aerosol deodorants.

  45. Keb-o-Mania says:

    I love that picture of Lily! And, No. You can never have too much glitter, little girl.

  46. Orange Blossom Water (0 – 1 yr) – Petit Enfant OR Cologne (Sauvent Le Planete
    I love scents for babies. i acutally got some baby perfume from brazil, its great, ive never seen it here before! But this Orange blossom sounds great!

  47. i follow your blog on twitter!

  48. i have a video of my kids singing tothe girls on my blog!

  49. I think Liz would like Petit Amour “Hadas” Eau De Toilette.

  50. the Moisturising Massage Gel looks great


    the body wash looks great

  52. Petit Amour products is my choice

  53. Anonymous says:

    I need Orange Blossom Water to help me escape from my insane life!

  54. deedleweedle says:

    I like the Nourishing Conditioner from Petit Amour.

  55. Oh how posh. I guess if I were to be extravagant, I would choose the Petit Prince – Gift Set. My son would get a kick out of having his own things just like Daddy.

  56. JeansandTs says:

    Gift Set No. 15 – Petit Enfant

    Gifts can be hard to buy, especially when you are looking for something that is practical as well as sassy and original. This beautifully packaged and designed gift set will easily be the envy of others. Gift set contains Talcum powder(100gms), Petit Enfant Cologne (60mls) and Baby Shampoo/Body Wash (240mls). Perfect for mum to take into hospital. Delightful gift that will be sure to impress.

  57. Conditioner (Kids) – Petit Enfant- keeps their hair neat and tidy.

  58. Creative Mom says:

    The Petit Prince Shampoo looks great! I would love to try it on my own little princes.

  59. i like nourishing conditioner.

  60. The Party of Five says:

    The Petit Enfant sounds great. The gift sets would be great and unique as a baby shower gift.

  61. Need a good conditioner so I go with Petit Amour nourishing conditioner!!

  62. Petit Armour – Body Spray sounds lovely.

  63. Petit Amoure looks lovely.
    Happy Birthday.
    meredycat@lycos dot com.

  64. Shampoo (Kids) – Petit Enfant

  65. I like the cologne with the wooden gift box

  66. Love the Nourishing COnditioner!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    I like the Petit Enfant Shampoo. It is soap-free and it smells good too. It has coconut oil and citrus fruit extracts. Very nice safe products!
    Thank you for the great giveaway.

  68. I like the petit amour gift set.

  69. Buki Family says:

    i like the petit enfant for the littlest of ones.

  70. I would like to try the Shampoo / Body Wash – Petit Prince.

  71. I fave you on technorati.

  72. Anonymous says:

    My favorite is the Shampoo / Body Wash – Petit Prince.
    -Terra H.

  73. My favorite product is the Cologne – Petit Prince. My grandsons would love this because then they would be just like dad.


  74. The Nourishing Shampoo is my pick!

  75. I’d like the Nourishing Cream for babies

    tiramisu392 (at)

  76. Love the Gift set 1.

    ktgonyea at

  77. I pick the nourishing conditioner.

  78. I would realy like to try the Petit Amour for my grandaughter and the little gift set no.1 thanks for ltting me enter.

  79. Petit Enfant Mini Gift Set look cool

    weblynx at

  80. i love the Nourishing Shampoo – Petit Amour

  81. I like the Petit Amour “Hadas” Gift Set.

    Please, enter me, great prize!!! I would love to win this.

    legab67156 (at) gmail (dot) com

  82. My favorite product is the Petit Amour Gift Set.


  83. I follow your blog.

  84. The nourishing conditioner is my favorite 🙂 Please enter me and thanks for the giveaway!


  85. I love the Petit Amour cologne. These are really neat products!


  86. I’ve sent a request to follow you on Twitter (twitter name: mtejen)


  87. I’ve added you as a favorite on Technorati (JenniferR38)


  88. I’ve blogged about the birthday bash and added the button to my sidebar!

  89. Gift Set No. 11 – Petit Enfant is my favorite

  90. Miss Heidi says:

    The “Hadas” Gift Set looks so nice. Thanks.

  91. My favorite is the Petit Prince gift set.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  92. I love the petit enfant gift set #1!!

  93. Im a follower!

  94. Mommyhood is Thankless says:

    Petit Amour (Eau De Toilette)is my favorite. My little girls would love it!


  95. Mommyhood is Thankless says:

    I am a follower!


  96. Mommyhood is Thankless says:

    I have you favved on my Technorati!

    Username: wastebasket


  97. Anonymous says:

    Petit Amour “Hadas” Body Spray / Deodorant

  98. I like the Petit Enfant soap, looks like it’s very gentle on a baby’s skin!

  99. My favorite is the Cologne with Bear Gift Set – Petit Enfant. Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I follow via email

  101. I requested to follow you on Twitter

  102. Body Spray / Deodorant – Petit Amour

  103. chromiumman says:

    love the Cologne (Wooden Gift Box) – Petit Amour

  104. happishopr says:

    Love Gift Set No. 1 – Petit Enfant. It would be perfect for my niece. trintiygsd at yahoo dot com

  105. I would love the body spray..petit armour. Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  106. No problem, I’m going with the Petit Prince – Gift Set.

  107. Jinxy and Me says:

    I like the Petit Prince Shampoo/Body Wash.

  108. I like the petit amor shampoo and conditioner..

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  109. For my boys I like the Shampoo / Body Wash – Petit Prince. Thanks 🙂

  110. angieplays says:

    We like the Nourishing Shampoo – Petit Amour. Thanks,


    angieplays4fun at gmail dot com

  111. The Petit Amour is my favorite!

  112. I like the body spray..petit armour. Thanks for the chance to win.

  113. My daughter is growing out her hair and really needs a good conditioner so the Petit Enfant conditioner looks good to me.

  114. my favorite is the Shampoo / Body Wash (0 – 1 yr) – Petit Enfant

  115. I liked the Petit Prince “JEAN” Body Spray.

  116. purplepassion126 says:

    I like the Petit Amour “Hadas” Gift Set

  117. purplepassion126 says:

    I follow you on Twitter as purplepassion12

  118. purplepassion126 says:

    Faved you on Technorati as purplepassion126

  119. The Nourshing Shampoo-Petit Armour is my favorite.

  120. souldolphindream says:

    I would the petit amoour gift set for my bella


  121. I love the gift sets and my favorite is Petit Amour “Hadas” Gift Set, it has everything for a little girl to feel so good. Thanks

  122. I really like the Nourishing Conditioner – Petit Amour. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  123. It’s currently out of stock, but I’d love to try the Petit Enfant Nourishing Cream.
    offthespaceship at myway dot com

  124. Nourishing Shampoo – Petit Amour

  125. My favorite is the Moisturizing Massage Gel..a great way to bond with baby!

  126. I like the Petit Amour gift set for girls

  127. I follow your blog

  128. I would like the Petit Amour Gift Set.

  129. I faved you on technorati

  130. I liked the Petit Amour Hadas fragrance.


    I love the Cologne (Wooden Gift Box) – Petit Amour.


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