April Showers Blog Design: An Interview

April Showers bring……..awesome, unique and completely original blog designs! Are you looking for a bloggy makeover? Read my feature interview and let April Showers Blog Design rain a little magic onto your site!

1. Welcome to The Not-So-Blog! Why don’t you start by introducing yourself to my readers!

Hey! I am April Durham and I love to blog. Who doesn’t these days? I just turned 24 and I’ve been married for almost three years to my husband Bradley. I graduated a year ago with two BA degrees, one in Advertising and one in TV Production. I also now have a Graphic Design minor (I’m starting a collection here…) and I work at a NBC affiliate full time. I don’t have kids (yet), but I love them! I also love cats, pink glittery things, being glamorous (or trying), the media, movies, fashion, blog design, and over-using parenthesis and exclamation points. LOL!

2. How did you become involved in blog design?

I got Photoshop! I was taking a Photoshop class too, so with both of those things combined I became a little obsessed with playing around in the program. Then I realized there’s this whole “blog designing” world out there with free layouts, digital scrapbook kits, stock photos etc… I had no idea! I learned A LOT in my Photoshop class, and was able to put my mad “skiallz” to good use.

3. What is the process behind creating a blog design for a client? How do you work together to come up with a product that suits the client’s vision for their site?

I like to make things easy for my clients! Everything I do is completely custom, so the client’s “vision” is definitely the primary part of the whole process. I don’t do “one-size fits all” packages, and I don’t have any pre-designed templates. I also don’t use digital scrapbook kits or stock illustrations because I learned to make all those things myself. Being able to create something from scratch has a unique air about it that allows the blogger to be set apart from everyone else. It’s sort of like baking a cake from a box, and baking a cake from scratch – you can taste the difference!

First, I simply ask a few questions about what the client’s “vision” is for their blog. Through a series of e-mails or chat sessions we are able to narrow it down to what they’re really looking for. Most clients fall somewhere in between knowing exactly what they want…and having no clue! Each one is just as challenging as the other. I have several test sites set up where clients can preview their blog layout live, and make suggestions and changes as the process progresses. I don’t charge for multiple drafts or edits, so it’s easy to make the layout perfect without spending lots of money.

4. Can you share with us some links to blog designs you have done in the past? Is there one you are particularly proud of?Sure. Here are some of my favorites:

Mamma Talk
She was very specific with what she was looking for in a header, and making it was really fun! I like the clean layout and simple background.

Dandelion Wishes
This was actually my first design, and the blogger knew exactly what she wanted. We did LOTS of trial and error until it was absolutely perfect for her.

Life Is Sweet
I really liked the whole “candy” idea behind her blog, and making a layout to match the theme was definitely a fun experience.

5. Your new Valentine’s card designs are so cute! Do you plan to start a whole card product line?

I am really excited about card designing. I think it’s something I will absolutely pursue. I already like making calendars and other printable media. I started with this “mini” line of cutesy designs called Lulu Cards inspired by my cat. Ha, ha!

6. Do you have any coupon codes or giveaways going on around the blogosphere?

I am like the giveaway queen! This week I am have a mondo giveaway on my blog that includes two winners each for: A Total blog Makeover, a $40 gift basket full of mark. and Bath and Body Works Products, a Custom Illustration, and 10 winners will get 50% off any blog layout items of their choice. Not to mention, I’m adding one additional winner to each category for every 100 comments made on the giveaway post!

Thanks, April! I have loved looking at all of your creative ideas!

Ok, Not-So-Bloggers….head over to April Showers Blog Design and enter to win! The more you comment, the more prizes that will be given away! And while you’re there, take a look at all of her free “bloggy bling!”
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  1. ♥georgie♥ says:

    Great Interview! I just adore april!

  2. April is awesome! She did my family blog and I absolutely LOVE it!

  3. I love April! I’m getting her to give my blog a facelift…that is, if I don’t win her fabulous giveaway!

  4. April was so much fun to work with! I am so happy with how my blog turned out. Great interview!

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